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Business Intelligence Tools - Great BI = Increased ROI

Accurate and timely Business Intelligence (BI) is now a business imperative. In today’s business world, being quick to adapt to change is essential for survival. It’s a jungle out there and the analytics captured by your business intelligence software is your compass. A business intelligence software solution can be tailored for your organization to capture the data you need. Virtually every small, midsized, and large business can benefit from a BI solution.

Our business analysts work with you to establish meaningful Measures and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for your system. We make the right information available to your users, when they need it, in the format you want.

That’s what we call a Business Intelligence software solution.

Our Business Intelligence Solutions

Konverge's business intelligence tools provide:

  • Customized business intelligence to improve enterprise decision-making
  • Digital dashboards that empower you with the information you need to make timely and accurate decisions
  • Customer Service Analytics to improve service levels
  • Customized delivery and data extraction methods 
  • Information to assist with federal law compliance
  • Data Warehousing including Warehouse Design & Implementation

Business Intelligence Management

Effective performance management and financial planning can help you drive better performance for your business. Ask us how companies like yours, and Microsoft itself, are benefiting from an integrated monitoring, analysis and financial planning applications.

Business Intelligence Case Study

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Business Intelligence - TNG

Working with TNG, Konverge designed and developed an innovative Real-Time software and hardware solution that gives TNG the most effective checkout assortment in the industry.


Read the Case Study


Why a Business Intelligence Software Solution?

If you’re not using a business intelligence software solution or are relying on Excel spreadsheets as your business intelligence tool, despite the initial costs, a business intelligence software solution is well worth the resources it requires. Having a superior business intelligence tool is essential if you are planning to stay competitive in the long term and build a business of meaningful scale. The benefits of a business intelligence software solution are solid, and few other systems offer the unique strategic benefits that business intelligence does.

To learn more about the benefits of a business intelligence tool, contact us by filling out our contact form at the top of this page. Otherwise, read our blog "Benefits of a BI Solution".


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