10 Ways To Ensure Customer Loyalty With Mobile Apps Engagement

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  • Published: 6/14/2018 3:43:18 PM
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Mobile application for customer engagement

10 Ways To Define Customer Loyalty With Mobile Apps Engagement | Konverge Digital Solutions

Retaining customers is as much important as finding new customers to grow your business. This is where customer loyalty comes in. Loyal customers are the key to any business. They not only define your fixed business income, but the word of mouth promotion is what makes your business grow. Loyal customers define the company's base market, and this is what the businesses rely upon and decide their future strategies for acquiring new customers by analyzing trends of purchase of the existing customers. Since the entire analysis and future predictions depend upon the existing customers, retaining their trust becomes all the way more important. Existing customers are much more profitable than the new ones as they cost less for your brand to keep and spend more each time.

Here we look at the strategies most of the companies adopt to maintain customer loyalty.

  1. Give Your Customers Rewards

    Everyone falls for rewards! Giving prizes is one of the most efficient ways to ensure customer loyalty. Giving rewards solves our purpose of customer loyalty and never fails to add a smile to all your worthy customer's faces. A loyalty program or a scheme that offers rewards like discounts and other perks has proven to help retain customers more. It is important to remember that customer loyalty is a win-win scheme, you provide value to your customer, and in return, they give you their loyalty. A planned reward can make it hard for customers to resist choosing you over any of your competitors. 
    Customer will return to your store /e-commerce/ app to shop only if what you are adding value to their shopping. Analyze all the rewards you offer to ensure that your customer gets enough reasons to get back to you for their next purchase. You may, for instance, offer them gifts, coupon codes, and other exclusive deals and discounts. Involves a variety of cuts like sign up discount, referral discounts. Loyalty cards have become increasingly popular in many departmental stores. From future group to Aditya Birla group, everyone is offering great schemes and discounts to their customers on each shopping via loyalty cards.

  2. Send Push Notifications

    To keep your customers as active members, ensure that you keep reminding them about your presence, offers, send greetings on festivals, etc. All mobile apps have this amazing feature of push notification. Push notifications is an easy yet a very powerful means to stay in touch with your customers. Send push notifications reminding/notifying them about your offers and ads.You get to send real-time messages to your customer's devices which cannot be ignored easily. Push notifications have a very high click rate, which is around 17-18 percent. Sending notifications is very efficient and helps you gain ample amount of attention from your worthy and potential customers. Combine your reward strategies with push notification features, and you are good to go.
  3. Daily Deals Updates

    Customer loyalty involves tempting your customers. The central aim of ensuring customer loyalty is continuous customer engagement. Daily deals would keep your customers inquisitive to look up in your app or peep in your store frequently.
    Here is a great example from Amazon daily deals :

    Konverge Digital Solutions Deals

    Use pop-up notification to inform your customers about your daily deals. Put up deals that are time bound so that customers hustle and make quick purchases from having stock that you offer the discount on.
  4. Allow Social Media Sharing

    A very easy solution to build customer loyalty is allowing social media sharing. With more and more people now turning to social media and online form of communication on the internet as their source of interaction with friends and family, allowing social media sharing to enable leader board among friends on social media platform and will encourage them to return and shop more in order to top the leader board.
    Sharing accomplishment by transforming your product into games is a great incentive for users to continue shopping and also gives you free publicity on these social media platforms.
  5. Send Personalized E-mails

    Promotional emails for customers should not be like the guy with coupon handouts hurling at everyone who passes by the store. Online customers are smart and sending personalized emails is a great way to attract customer loyalty. The more the relevance of the email content to the subscriber, stronger the chance of developing a long-term relationship.
    Email marketing is the way to develop a relationship with your customers, and personalized emails mean more repeat loyal customers. Personalized emails that celebrate customers' birthday or the day they first visited you is an example of personalized emails that are likely to convert into sales.
  6. Viral referral program

    Referral programs are the most followed strategy by most of the brands. Businesses offer referral bonuses in the form of wallet cash or discount offers. Referrals work by inviting friends via social media or personal messages. Referrals serve as word-of-mouth publicity. Referrals are a great way to acquire new customers via using your customer base.
  7. Deliver what You Promise

    Trust is an integral part of the loyalty program. Only if you win the trust of your customers, retaining customers can happen. Deliver what you promise to deliver, your product or your schemes should be no different than what you offer. Be very transparent with your customers. Add all the know-how and every minute information about the product your customer is about to purchase. It is important to deliver what you claim to deliver to your customers so that you don't lose out on existing customers.
  8. Offer 24/7 Customer Support

    People are very impatient when it comes to supporting and service. People don't want to wait to get their queries resolved, their orders returned, or money refunded no matter what time of day it is. Encouraging your customers to interact with you 24x7 from anywhere and anytime, not only improves the customer engagement, but it also provides the opportunity to enhance customer retention and loyalty.

    Without full-time human efforts now it is possible to engage with customers 24x7 through conversational AI chat-bots. These AI chat-bots not only offer customer support but can also search for products based on the previous history, thus leading to more sales.

  9. Leverage In-App Messaging

    85 percent of the times people spend their free time within apps, and in-app messaging can be a great way to add value to mobile marketers. In-app messaging is a doubtful marketing technique but when implemented correctly, gives excellent benefits. It improves users while reaching marketing goals. In-app messaging can be rewards based on user behavior. Rewarding users for reviews, analyzing the behavior of their purchase patterns to send in-app personalized messages for offers. In-app messages are very helpful to catch immediate attention and make navigation easier.

  10. Location-Based Discounts

    When from the database you can see your customer is traveling to a specific place, send him to push notification with offers applicable to that particular location. It comes as a pleasant surprise to your customers. There are various smart markets which use beacons to push location-based promo codes and offers to the customers.
    5% increase in retention rate can lead to up to 125% lift in profit. Customer user base is the god of any business, and we need to worship them as they get us what we earn from our business. Customer retention should be given prime importance!


    In today's competitive environment retaining customer confidence is key to success. According to a study, existing customers can account for up to 40% of continuous month to month new business generation. Sharing customer success stories, testimonials, word of mouth brings another share of 10% to 20% business prospects. When stakes are so much high that 60% of business can be generated only by engaging with existing customers effectively. Why not to invest in solutions which ensures customers engagement and confidence. One such, very effective solution is Mobile Apps, At Konverge we have helped number of leading business in Canadian industries. We deliver best in class digital solutions inducing mobile apps for B2B and B2C marketing environment. If you are looking for Mobile App or customer software  development solution for your business, Schedule a free consultation to know how we can deliver the best solution for your business.     

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