4 Top Trends for Custom Software Development in 2023

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  • Published: 12/19/2022 3:57:19 PM
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Top Custom Development trends 2023

The software development and custom development trends during 2022 have become even more stable and diverse in the post-pandemic world, enabling future insights. In fact, it is anticipated that between 2022 and 2030, the global market for software development will grow exponentially.

Businesses should promptly adopt the newest trends in software development, given how well the software market is doing, to keep one step ahead of their rivals.

The increased automation of corporate operations and the escalating amount of enterprise data in retail, manufacturing, and healthcare drive market expansion.

Additionally, the market is expanding due to the quick adoption of business software and services across IT infrastructure to enhance decision-making, save inventory costs, and boost profitability.

Advantages of Custom Software Development

Being distinctive, original, and innovative about your products and services will help your business stand out from the competition in today's cutthroat business environment. And a key factor in elevating your brand to the next level is investing in developing custom software.

When you use custom software, you gain the additional benefit of having a dependable technical support team engaged in developing your software application. In particular, a software developer that is knowledgeable about your project requirements and the intricacies of your software program. Such a resource is equipped to address any difficulties that may arise during development or after the delivery of the solution.

Each organization has unique requirements. Most of them know that commercial software will only live up to their expectations and fulfill their fantasies. However, companies may make their ideas a reality and gain an advantage over their competitors, who still need to adopt off-the-shelf solutions by deploying custom software.

You and the developer business you select for your custom software establish a direct connection while developing the custom software. A skilled developer can work with you to make the application the best it can be while also more easily adapting to the changes in the requirements specific to your business. Such software is unique to you; it is yours only, and no one else has anything like it.

It's common knowledge that most commercially available software is more susceptible to hacking attempts because it is widely accessible and understood. On the other hand, custom software is more secure and more difficult for hackers to access and damage because it's exclusively utilized within your company.

Hackers don't bother attacking custom software when they can easily access software applications used by many different businesses and have their way with it.

Top Custom Development trends 2023

Top future trends to consider

  1. Custom security software development for Ransomware protection

    Cybersecurity will probably continue to be a big issue in the coming years. Ransomware, in particular, is still one of the most significant risks to organizations. As a result, businesses will look for equipment to assist in safeguarding their assets. The rate of ransomware assaults quickly increased by more than 400% between 2019 and 2020.

    Paid ransoms have increased as well. From Q2 to Q4 2020, the average monthly payment rose 31% to $233k in November. One of the most common ransomware scams is double extortion, in which attackers illegally seize a company's data and demand a ransom to release confidential information from the victim.

    Businesses that have completely equipped themselves with security automation can save up to $3.58 million in the case of a data breach, according to a survey from IBM Security. In addition, cyber insurance will be purchased by many firms that see the value of cyber security.

    Such adoption points to a growing tendency to create custom security software, one that organizations should anticipate.

  2. Increase in AI adoption

    The Covid-19 epidemic has helped to speed up the adoption of AI significantly, and there are promising signs for further expansion. Numerous companies worldwide are implementing AI because it lowers costs by boosting productivity and minimizing errors. According to experts, AI may bring $1 trillion in value annually to the banking sector alone. Additionally, it enables banks to offer the level of hyper-personalization that today's consumers demand.

    The industry that will experience the most significant effects from AI software in the upcoming year is the healthcare sector. According to a poll conducted in March 2021, nearly 90% of hospitals have AI plans in place.

    There is no denying AI's influence in the medical industry. In the last five years, searches for "ai and healthcare" have grown 364%. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one way AI software impacts the corporate world.

    Automation of routine processes allows experienced workers to concentrate on projects with higher potential value. As a result, RPA is being used by more than half of firms, and 20% of them aim to employ it within the next two years, according to a poll. In 2022, applications for RPA could include lead nurturing, data entry, mass emails, and financial planning.

  3. Low-Code and No-Code Development is on the rise

    About 20% of all software projects fail, while another 52% remain in a "challenging" state. Problems and setbacks are common in software development. Not to mention that the procedure is really pricey.

    As a result of such issues, some businesses in the software development sector have begun to streamline their software development processes.

    As straightforward as its name suggests, the software created in this fashion does not require sophisticated IT expertise or coding skills. As a result, it enables low-code and no-code software development to result in a more uncomplicated and rapid development process.

    Platforms without programming are more approachable. For example, users can now easily create applications by utilizing drag-and-drop blocks and pre-made code in a visual interface rather than conventional programming.

    On the other hand, low-code platforms demand more extraordinary technical expertise but offer efficiencies that speed up software development.

    More specifically, specialists in the field they specialize in can create software without any coding knowledge. This makes it simpler than ever before for small businesses or SMEs to sell their products.

  4. Remote work is accelerating the demand for cloud computing

    Almost all organizations globally enhanced and invested in the ability to operate remotely during the Co-vid pandemic. As a result, their IT infrastructures and operations underwent a significant change.

    As the epidemic fades, hybrid working emerges as a new working style. Because it gives them more flexibility, some people still prefer to work remotely, while others prefer to go into the office.

    Solutions like cloud services are needed in the current workplace since they enable workers to be productive even while at home.

    The market for cloud computing will be $623.3 billion by the end of 2022. That amount will surpass $800 billion by the year 2025.

    Businesses are investing more money in this technology due to hybrid work's pressure to replace conventional client computing solutions, i.e., desktop computers, with Desktop as a Service (DaaS).

    The need for cloud-native software developers has never been higher due to the enormous expansion of this sector. Additionally, over a five-year period, "cloud engineering" searches increased by 900%.

Top Custom Development trends 2023

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