4 Ways Custom Software Will Boost Your Bottom Line in 2019

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  • Published: 11/8/2018 12:57:57 PM
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Custom Software Development Services

In the hypercompetitive climate of modern business, customization is key to success. Today it is exceedingly grueling to compete in a marketplace as a generalist. Enterprises chose niches to limit their competition to only a few other players. Similarly, every problem in your business isn’t a square hole that can be filled by a standard square software solution.

Your company is a unique set of shapes that fit the specialized needs of your customers. With 2019 looming there are 4 crucial ways you can boost your bottom line with custom software solutions. Why should your software be standard when your business is unique?

1. Standard Applications Are Costly

Today it is commonplace for organizations to employ diverse applications across multiple departments. Your marketing department could use Salesforce. Your manufacturing department could use SAP to supervise the production process. Plus, your shipping department could enroll Amazon Marketplace to ship and fulfill the orders. These disparate applications each retain separate interfaces, data, and licenses. It is on account of this disparity you are on the hook to hire accountants and supervisors to manage the workflows. Your ambitious employees might find workarounds to these problems, but it’s not guaranteed. You could also lose the workaround when an employee departs.

When you invest in custom software solutions, you have the option of smoothly integrating all of your applications across each of your departments. This integration will not only raise your speed, but it will also boost your efficiency. Even without these benefits, you can still achieve a better understanding of your business. With integrated software, you can achieve better visibility of the internal processes of their business.

2. Custom Applications Allow Process Improvement and Experimentation

It can be grueling to stay competitive in the modern business environment. New competitors are frequently entering the field. Even without the contenders, your products are bound to become obsolete at some point in the future. Engaging in the development of custom software offers your business the opportunity for consultants to investigate your business processes. It is through this investigation these experts can experiment with your enterprise processes until all the bugs and glitches are removed. Experimentation also gives your organization the opportunity to test software features that may enhance business processes. Properly executed experimentation can’t harm your business in any way and some of the most successful companies in Silicon Valley make it an integral part of their business model. Google and Facebook have built it into their business model. It is an essential platform for beta-testing new features and techniques before your team decides to make them mainstream within your company.

Custom Software Development solutions

3. Custom Software Helps in Regulatory Compliance

In today’s climate, it is becoming ever more challenging to stay compliant with government regulations. For example, medical manufacturers are compelled to maintain a detailed documentation record of all work completed on their products from the factory line to the patient. Aircraft operators are necessitated to sustain comprehensive documents on all work done to their planes across decades of time and thousands of flights. Building contractors also have to stay within regulation when they raise structures. This task can be taxing on its own when the enterprise software is a fragmented pile of applications rigged together by the IT team. Plus, it only gets more complicated when you have to secure each of these applications against cyberattack. The last two years have been a cautionary tale with all the accusations of Russian hacking in the election and social media. With custom software, you can unify your security under a single platform. The unified software also provides a consolidated network for storing and sharing records with regulators.

4. Custom Software Solutions Offers Long-Term Cost Saving

Custom software is simply better for business. In the traditional model, your team would be compelled to purchase a license for each standard software package in the department. This software would then need to be serviced and updated by your IT staff on a regular basis. Subsequently, your staff would have to allocate time into training and certifying your new employees into running the software. You also can’t forget the costs of legal compliance. Security systems cost money and security infractions cost untold amounts of money.

Still, any magnate knows that you have to spend cash to make money. It is a cornerstone of business development and investing. While the starting costs of a custom development job are pricey, you can expect to earn back the difference in only a short time. With the right execution, custom applications can eliminate the waste and inefficiency of multiple platforms.

Custom Software


In the end, the decision to purchase custom software is a question of priorities. In the hypercompetitive environment that is the modern business; success or failure is chosen on the margins. Often the winner only needs to be marginally better than their competitors. While this is frequently celebrated in the services provided by the enterprise, the details are everything. Even a small costs saving can switch a loss to a profit for an enterprise. These savings can be multiplied a hundred times for a major business. It is also true that even a small missed detail can derail an entire enterprise. Your job as a leader in business is to fill each of these unique holes with a detailed solution. Your needs are unique and you need custom software solutions to fill these shortcomings.

Whether you are planning to develop a new enterprise software, mobile app solution or want to upgrade and salvage the existing software solution. Konverge is your best partner in enterprise software solution and mobile app development in Toronto, Canada. With over 25 years of software development experience under our belt, we offer the best software solutions services to meet the needs of digital adaptation and technology advancement. Fill out our quick consultation form to get your project quote and estimated price or contact us at 1-866-640-2345.

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