7 Reasons Why You Need a Business Analyst on Your Custom Software Development Project

  • Author: The Konverge Team
  • Published: 5/17/2019 11:18:53 AM
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The business world is competitive and often complex. A business needs to be ready to adapt to the changes in the business world. These are the times you need a business analyst the most.

These professionals can help you correct past mistakes and plan for the future. They use reports and other data tools to enable you to better understand what your business needs.

Business analysts understand technical jargon and can translate it into simple terms. They will also guide you to determine how technology can help your business succeed.

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1. They are the Bridge Between IT and Business

The gap between business and IT is growing. The functions of your business are essential, and they rely on technology. Without a strong bridge between IT and your business, your organization risks failure.

This could include involving IT in the initial negotiation to ensure that there is sufficient capacity available. This could be as simple as informing IT about new resources. This ensures that systems and tools are properly assigned and configured.

Business analysts clarify perspectives and the complexity of all projects. They do this by understanding your business' objectives and requirements.

A business analyst will use reports and other data gathered to provide solutions to problems. The outcome of this data helps put your business on the path for success.

2. They Reduce Custom Software Development Project Costs

One important goal a business has is to save money by reducing project costs. Hiring a business analyst can appear counter-intuitive and initially seem like nothing more than an extra expense.

With a business analyst, you can save money by getting the job completed right the first time. It may seem like an unnecessary expense, but the risk is too great not to have an analyst.

Business analysts reduce the chances of your business doing the same work twice. Analysts help your business create a logical decision-making checklist. This checklist helps keep your business focused on its current goals.

Cost-effective solutions are pivotal for your business and its success. You may be considering a few different ways you can cut costs. Not having a business analyst should not be one of those options.

3. They Make Projects Successful

Projects fail due to a lack of user input and incomplete requirements. Another reason business projects fail is due to changing requirements.

Understanding the requirements help prevent working on the same projects due to errors. Organized projects have a higher success rate than those that are not organized. Analyst professionals help your Quality Assurance team build appropriate measurements and business models.

A professional analyst can help reduce a lot of the pressure project managers assume. These analysts act as security and a safety net for your business. They make sure all projects go according to plan with the most desirable outcome.

4. They Discover New Business Benefits

A business can't thrive unless it's successful. This is another situation where having a business analyst is beneficial. An analyst helps identify where improvements are necessary. You can gain a better understanding of what your business needs to be successful by using this plan.

The information this professional often uses includes ideas and principles, and investigation skills. Other forms of information that are beneficial include ingenious thinking and imagination. Analyst experts make sure you're focusing on the most important matters.

It's easy to get off track and focus on less important factors of your business at the time. These experts help you rank tasks and make sure your business continues to be productive.

5. They are Super Human Problem Solvers

Business analysts are often referred to as superhuman problem solvers. They have the ability and skill set to solve complex problems. The analysts use three techniques to solve complicated problems.

  • Mapping,
  • Asking questions,
  • and Fishbone analysis

Mind mapping focuses on a central point. Analysts use it to create an outline for information about the central point. Asking questions, called the "5 Whys", is another technique these problem solvers use.

This question-asking process involves asking "why" until the analyst finds the culprit. Fishbone analysis, like mapping, is a visual technique. This type of analysis explores the problem of a specific concept.

Analysts use these methods to help them reveal problems in business plans. Identifying problems early means future problems are not a threat. Business analysts help businesses achieve stability.

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6. They Boldly Navigate Any Political Minefield

The workplace is one that is professional and emotional. Business analysts help keep everyone calm while motivating them. These analysts have superb decision-making skills. By navigating political minefields, analysts can manage stressful situations.

Every business experiences workplace anxiety. Meetings can often spin out of control due to high tempers. Professional analysts help keep tempers from flaring at these meetings.

Business analysts have a strong sense of emotional intelligence. The key components of this intelligence include relationship and self-management. Other components include social and self-awareness. These features help analysts keep your business from failing or becoming stagnant.

Analysts understand how their behavior and mood affect others in the workplace. They are pleasant and strong enough to handle the woes of workplace politics. Stakeholder interactions can be daunting. A business analyst can lighten the mood and ensure positive results.

7. They Make Your Project Manager Look Good

Project managers have a lot to deal with. Having a business analyst can make things much better. Analysts act as a buffer for many situations. These professionals clarify project requirements and keep workers on track.

Clarification is one factor that helps complete projects on time. Desired results are also favorable. The more projects go according to plan, the better the project manager looks. This means more business opportunities!

Upfront understanding of a project is crucial to its success. Business analysts are the liaison between the client and the business. They help prevent constant changes in the requirements of projects. To do this, analysts gather the necessary information before starting a project.

When everyone has a clear understanding, completing projects is easier. What's good for the project manager is good for the team. It's all about teamwork.

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At Konverge, we have a team of experienced business analysts that can work with you and guide you to a business software solution. We understand complex, custom software development projects and have the skills needed to navigate political minefields.

You may think cutting costs involves not hiring a business analyst. In fact, it is the exact opposite. An analyst from Konverge can help ensure your custom software development projects and processes are optimized and efficient. Having a business analyst helps save you money.

Success doesn't happen overnight, and that's okay. When you're working with an analyst, success is the light at the end of the tunnel. They are the drivers that will help you get there.

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