Balancing UX and Privacy in your new Mobile App

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  • Published: 3/18/2021 9:37:50 AM
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How Privacy in Mobile Apps has become a hot topic

What is the balance companies must strike between user experience and customer privacy? Comprehensive tracking and profiling practices can be viewed as intrusive, but a frictionless user experience leaves customers coming back and enjoying an app.

The question often lands in one of the two camps. Some argue that usability and ease should come at the expense of privacy, others that privacy is the primary responsibility of the developer.

With seismic shifts in the conversation about privacy, we see companies like WhatsApp take a deep dive into changes to their terms of service, and giants like Apple revamp their privacy labels. These are huge companies that have a buffer of sorts, when it comes to some friction. No one is going to stop using WhatsApp or buying Apple products, people will grumble, but move on.

One thing is for certain, the business value of having an app often outweigh the losses of not having one. Let's take a look at why your business should consider building an app.

It is Important to have an App for your Business or Service

Maneuvering this question comes down to company honesty and integrity. It's true that user privacy has made the process of creating, launching and maintaining interest in an app harder, but you have to trust that your clients know that, and will be understanding and work with you. Having an app will still always win over a business that doesn’t provide that ease of connection to its clients. Here are some reasons to consider creating an app.

Your company will have a space that's just between you and the customer, no distractions, no competition. Once you get a client to download an app, the level of control over services shown, product displayed and information shared is all yours to decide. In that sense, an app is a brilliant marketing tool.

It gives your customers the power of a deeper connection. Your clients can give better feedback, easily engage with you and have a space they can trust to come to for information directly from you.

It helps you stay ahead of the problems. Because your app is gathering information in real time, you will know what is performing and not performing. Utilizing heatmaps and reviews in the process, you can stay ahead of what the user wants.

An app will make a big or small business stand out. This is important especially in fields where competition is tough. Having an app will give your clients a sense of dedication and commitment, as well as exclusivity, which is an important selling feature in itself.

In short, the existence of your app is already doing some of the selling for you.

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Enhancing User Experience by collecting Mobile App Data

At the end of the day, whether its product or services, you're trying to convince your client that whatever the product, it will make his or her life easier. Consider this, if that is the elemental goal of any business, throwing a wrench into a product such as an app is doing the opposite. The user experience of your app is arguably almost more important than what the app is providing.

Gathering user data, information and agreements may be tedious, but most customers who look for your app will already be primed for the exchange of information, and extra agreements won’t deter most people. To add, a seamlessly working app that seems to guess what the need of the client is, that remembers and tracks products, preferences and behaviour is appreciated by those who you can consider brand cheerleaders. How do you get clients to become cheerleaders? Good services and a good app.

Consider an app as a marketing tool where you are the only company on display. All the information you gather from your clients can be utilized in a seamless integration and connection between your company and your client.

Respecting User Privacy in a Mobile App

The conversation around digital privacy has never been more engaging. The best solution to a more wary public is being clear with what the information will be used for and why its being stored. Additionally, clarifying what kind of information is necessary and reconfirming data security is key. Make sure your clients know they are being protected, that the minimal information necessary is being kept, and that their data is not being mishandled or sold, unless they agree to it.

The Digital Privacy Act lays out all the necessary communication between you and the client enacted in law. Clarity of information, consent and distribution of content and data must be clearly communicated and given.

From a marketing standpoint, it's almost impossible to regain the trust of a client once it's been lost than working a bit harder to gain it. Transparency in data gathering is not just upheld by law, but by good marketing policies.

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Konverge can help Balance User Experience and User Privacy in your new Mobile App

Here at Konverge we put people first, tech second. We know what it takes to create amazing software and apps, and we take the delicate balance of UX and Privacy very seriously.

Our team of dedicated professionals has experience working with companies of all sizes in Canada. We believe that software development and delivery should be centralized on the customer's needs.

As your partner for software development services and as leaders in our field, our team of senior developers is ready to work with you to make sure your project succeeds and works for your clients. As an agile custom software organization, our priority is top project completion and client satisfaction.

Request a Consultation today and put yourself and your customer ahead of the competition.

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