Benefits of Hiring a SharePoint Consultant

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SharePoint is a leading tool used by 78% of Fortune 500 companies. It is the leading platform for intranets, asset management, and collaboration. SharePoint has a lot of features and extendible capabilities than what you get out-of-the-box. A SharePoint Consultant can help you navigate SharePoint’s features so that you get a SharePoint solution that maximizes its capabilities and is the right fit for your company. Every organization is different, therefore an out-of-the-box solution isn't necessarily a one-size-fits-all solution.

Hiring a SharePoint Consultant includes the following benefits:

  1. Defining your vision and requirements – a SharePoint Consultant will help you with the planning stages of your SharePoint. Planning out a SharePoint solution includes identifying technical requirements, structure, and content organization. Furthermore, any custom development required to meet your companies vision can be identified and planned, or alternatively, if an existing SharePoint Add-in will do the job. A good consultant will help you set up goals and break out your goals into attainable and quantifiable metrics.
  2. Increased adoption – Your SharePoint is only worth it if people within the company are using it! Poor information architecture and lack of understanding of SharePoint functionalities will lead to poor adoption of the system. A SharePoint Consultant can provide an assessment which will:
    • Provide a logical information architecture which will ensure findability of documents
    • Identify the features of an implementation that are most relevant to stakeholders
    • Provide a plan for growth and maintaining standards so that the implementation will be successful in the long run.
    • Optionally, create a revamped SharePoint UI which may be more appealing to users
    Also, a SharePoint Consultant can set up analytics to gain insights to use and adoption of the system.
  3. Increased productivity – a SharePoint Consultant can add value and increase productivity by identifying and implementing custom workflows, such as sending notifications to members when a new task is assigned to a user rather than have users continually checking the team site to see if they have any new tasks assigned to them.
  4. Increased functionality – a SharePoint Consultant can extend the capabilities of an out-of-the-box SharePoint and develop custom solutions that provide beneficial functionality. For example, a great way to maximize SharePoint’s advanced document management functionality is a customized document approval process, including email notifications, based on role and approval stage that speeds up review processes while retaining full control and security of your organization’s important documents.
  5. Reduce organizational costs - Instead of spending funds to train your existing personnel to use all of SharePoint’s features, your organization can hire an expert SharePoint Consulting company to save you money. This will free up your existing personnel to focus on their revenue-generating tasks.
  6. Increase ROI - A SharePoint Consultant can help your organization realize financial returns. SharePoint can be integrated into your other enterprise applications, such as a CRM, supply chain, or finance. A SharePoint Consultant can help your organization lower development costs and increase output, maximizing your ROI across your entire enterprise ecosystem.

A good SharePoint implementation leverages the right mix of tools and functionality, which will in turn ensure user adoption, increase productivity, and your ROI. SharePoint Consultants are an invaluable benefit to any company planning to use SharePoint or are already using it.

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