Can't I just hire a developer?

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  • Published: 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM
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When talking to potential clients and individuals about hiring a Software Development company, we are often asked “Can’t I just hire a developer to create this, or do that?” and in some cases sure you can, but is that the best option?

Building Custom Software to a Developer is the equivalent of Building a House to a Contractor.  You wouldn’t hire a contractor alone to build your house would you?

Yes, the developer and contractor help build the end product, but they are not the only player in the game.  With building a house, you need architects, plumbers, engineers just to name a few.  There is a lot of planning, due diligence and teamwork that is needed for the construction that a contractor cannot do alone.  

Same goes with software.

Additional players needed for Software Development are: Project Managers, Project Coordinators, Business Analysts, Developers, QA Analyst and Graphic Designer, etc…

Planning, blueprinting, requirement outlining and clear communication is needed to ensure the outcome is what you need. What you “Need” is often confused with “what you want”.  Do we always know what we need? No, that is why the expertise and knowledge of a professionals are sought out.  Professionals will help guide use your “want” and help transform it into your “need” and provide you with the perfect end product for you.

By: Sonia Bhalla

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