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Common Challenges of Software Product Development for Startups

  • Author: The Konverge Team
  • Published: 9/16/2021 11:47:07 AM
  • 5 minute read

Startup Software Development

Software development is difficult for any company. Right from the earliest stages where companies need to decide what platform they are targeting to later stages when they are working on building a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) that can be tested in the field, different challenges exist.

No matter if you are a small startup or one of the giants in the industry, software product development can be a complex process to navigate and one that requires specific skills and knowledge.

When it comes to developing software, realistically there are two different options available. The first is inhouse development and the second is outsourcing work. Making a decision between these two different options is a common challenge that companies of all sizes face.

Both options come with advantages and disadvantages so weighing up these two possibilities carefully before committing to them fully makes sense. With in-house development, companies need to account for the cost of hiring and training the right people based on the technology that is being worked on.

Outsourcing, on the other hand, can be a relatively inexpensive way to bring new ideas and products to market quickly but comes with its own unique challenges too including managing multiple providers and having limited control over quality assurance (QA).

This blog post will discuss some common issues that startups have when it comes to software product development and what they need to do in order to tackle these problems head-on!

Novice Startup Developers

Choosing Wrong Technology for Software Product

One of the most common difficulties that startups face when it comes to software product development is choosing the wrong technology, which leads to a lot of wasted time and money.

This can be due to a lack of experience or a lack of knowledge around a particular skill that might be required.

For example, a startup looking at creating a new SaaS app may not have had any exposure to platforms such as the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), or similar solutions, leading them into believing that they need on-premise servers instead.

However, this choice could prove costly later down the line if requirements change during development and their server costs start rising exponentially! In these cases having a knowledgeable partner with experience in your back pocket that has experience in app development for startups can be essential.

A lack of knowledge about how applications are made, for example, might result in a consumer selecting a firm that specializes in iOS development rather than one with expertise in Android or hybrid app creation. Knowing what is needed early is essential in making the right selection.

Underestimating the power of UX/UI

A program’s User Interface (UI) directly impacts a consumer’s User Experience (UX) and companies that ignore the importance of this do so at their peril. Users need simple and fast ways to get things done, but it needs to be functional and suit the overall look and feel that a company is striving to achieve.

Underestimating the power of UX/UI can cause a product not to succeed when it is released into the world, therefore companies must consider their end users during development in order for them to be happy with what they use on a day-to-day basis. Testing is paramount for success and needs to be done thoroughly before any product or service goes live in order to ensure the best possible user experience. All companies need to release a product that works, and this goes doubly for startups where there isn't as much of an established reputation.

Tests can take many forms including beta releases with selected groups of end-users, closed betas where a limited number of people are allowed access based on factors such as geographic location or demographics which might influence how well the program runs within certain parameters, and open betas where anyone can access the software.

Developers for example have much more intimate knowledge about code that ensures the product is run smoothly and efficiently, which may cause them to miss some obvious issues that other users can come across.

It is important to realize and understand that regardless of how useful a product or service may be, if users cannot use it, it is useless.

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Talent Pool Shortage

This leads us to another common challenge - hiring the correct developers for your product or project! You may think that there are plenty of developers in the market, but this is not always the case.

There is an abundance of talent for enterprise-level companies (with budgets to match), however, if your startup does not fit into this category it can be difficult to find a developer with experience in app development for startups. This is where having the right outsourcer becomes key. Having the right partner can help you hit the ground running, helping save significant effort and time.

Lack of a clear plan roadmap

Not having a concrete vision in place means that you'll inevitably end up with devs who are either completely wrong for your needs or simply won't be able to work out where they fit within it all.

Lack of a clear roadmap can lead to the development company being understaffed which will slow down their progress. They could end up with an app that is buggy and crashes frequently resulting in users leaving for another product, causing even more damage to revenue!

If there is no road map in place then it may lead to problems down the line when features need adding or changing. Developers can easily get confused and lose track of what needs to be done if they do not have specific tasks assigned to them by someone who knows where everything should go from start to finish.

A lack of planning ahead could prove costly later down the line if requirements change or developers become unavailable due to any unforeseen circumstances.

An experienced MVP development company should be aware of all the challenges that are commonly associated with startups who want to create an app.

Without considering these challenges, a startup may end up sinking before they even start due to costs ballooning out of proportion and release dates being delayed by months. This is especially true for new startups that are just beginning their software journey.

Changes in requirements during development or a developer becoming unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances could prove costly later down the line.

By knowing what these challenges are and involving an MVP development company, startups can avoid these pitfalls as well as ensure that they still release their MVP on time, even if there is a delay in the delivery of certain features.

Expert Startup Developers

Hiring wrong developers

Hiring the wrong developer may not only cause delays but also cost you money if they are paid too much or cannot get tasks completed on time due to a lack of experience or knowledge. This will ultimately result in setbacks for your business especially if deadlines need to be met.

To avoid this you need to partner up with an MVP development company that understands your business and what you are trying to achieve. Having a company like Konverge in your corner helps not only in the early project design phases but throughout the whole project development and implementation stages.

Building software products involves many challenges which you need to take into consideration. Failure to do so may result in huge setbacks for your business and slow down the development of your product.

If you're read to see how Konverge can help you achieve your goals and help build the software you need to be successful, contact us today for a free Consultation!

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