The Cost of Overseas Development

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  • Published: 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM
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An old prospect visited us last month. He wanted us to redo a custom software solution for his company.
“You told us about this system four years ago, but you never came back to us. What happened?” we asked. 
“Well, you were a little bit expensive. And besides, I didn’t know you and I wasn’t sure if you would not be around for the long term,” he confessed. We were still around four years later. We have been around for over fifteen years.

It turns out he contacted someone overseas who promised could do the system cheaper. This marvel guy would even do some other chores, like IT security or buying the hardware for them.Fast forward four years: the system was not complete; it lacked some essential features that the former provider never got around to do; there was no documentation, and the company did not have any source code; system security was a big problem and the hardware was not working properly.
The relationship with the provider just went sourer by the day. After some time, it was impossible to reach out to the supplier; he just didn’t answer the emails or the phone. 
“What am I going to do? Go look for him overseas?” laughed bitterly our contact. 
So he came back to us and told us “I am 20k and 4 years behind. I should have done it with you guys from the beginning. How can we make up for the lost time?”
Well, the truth is that we cannot make up for the lost time or money. But, we can build him a new system. 
Has something similar ever happened to you?

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