Does your Software Need a Rescue?

  • Author: The Konverge Team
  • Published: 10/14/2022 2:40:01 PM
  • 4 minute read

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Sometimes Software projects don’t go right: they go over budget, over time or they used the wrong technology. A software rescue sometimes needs to be done to get a project back on track.

This consists of a new software firm examining the code, and continuing the work. There are many reasons a software project fails and a new set of eyes can re-plan the roadmap and recover the project.

Why would Software need to be Rescued?

There are many reasons software needs to be rescued - maybe it is incomplete, outdated, or just non-functioning. It may have gone over-budget or may be no longer up-to-date. Certain features and code may need to be rewritten or even removed completely. Or the software needs to be scaled back or scaled up depending on the team’s needs.

In more serious cases, the project might have been abandoned or poorly developed by the original developer. All these factors ultimately lead to software rescue - getting the project up and running again.

What process does software undergo to be rescued?

First, the current software needs to be analyzed to see if it CAN be rescued. Then all documentation needs to be gathered, and a plan has to be followed. Sitting down with a Business Analyst will be the best way to get everyone on board.

After, a rescue plan will be drafted with a timeline, and what parts of the software will be salvaged, scrapped, or revamped. The new software team will review the current state of the project and what technologies were used during initial development. From there, the available resources and team capabilities will be considered to re-estimate the project.

Thirdly, just like any other software project, its development will begin with Quality Assurance right by your team to support and test your software as it progresses.

After the software is stabilized, there is of course support and maintenance to cover any future bugs and updates. This ensures your current and new team can use the software while keeping the software long-lasting and scaleable.

Software Rescue Process

Is it better to rescue software, or start over?

There is no short answer - it truly changes, going on a case-by-case basis. On the quality of existing code, if there is proper documentation, is it even a proper fit? For projects already over time or over budget, it can be daunting to add even more to it.

There are some questions to ask your team to determine the right answer for your project:

  1. How much value will this project bring, if completed?
  2. How much part of this project needs to be rescued or completely reworked? - 10%? 50%? 70%?
  3. How much has been completed on the software roadmap?

The most important thing isn’t to decide whether software should be rescued or be re-done, but recognizing the best time to make that decision.

There is no all-in-one solution for your software project, whether it’s outdated or incomplete. Consult with Konverge today to help determine if your software needs rescuing.

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