Don't Forget User Training when Migrating to SharePoint 2013

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  • Published: 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM
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The SharePoint migration is not all about Web Parts, Branding, Customizations and Hardware and Software Assessments.

It is also about the users and getting their buy-in for the project.

Our users are loaded with their work. They are not very interested in having to change yet another thing on their daily routine, so we need them to be excited about the new migration.

One way to keep everybody interested on the project is by training them on the new platform; show them the new features that you will be using and get them excited about them. While no one is interested in having more work, all of us like to learn more about something that will make our lives easier.

But be careful not to over-promise and under-deliver. Take some time to go over the new features of SharePoint 2013; experiment with them on an isolated environment; consult your team of experts and do a little check list:

  • Make sure you will be using that new feature,
  • Make sure it will be relevant to your users,
  • Be certain that it will be stable and reliable on your environment; test, test and retest. When you are done testing, test again,
  • Plan carefully for deployment and training. Make sure the time to start your little “this is a great feature” campaign is right. Too many wedding proposals have gone sour because of a bad timing.

After you are certain, by all means, let it be known by all! If done properly, you may be known as the “guy who made our lives a little easier” and not the “crazy person who brought in yet another version of SharePoint.”

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