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  • Published: 5/29/2019 4:39:37 PM
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Custom Software

This is a new era and time in technology. Many industries are seeing the birth of new processes and tools that have radically transformed their business. These changes have elevated the working standards of the people. These technologies have simultaneously increased the reach of businesses worldwide.

Through technology, companies are now able to compete in markets that were once closed off.

Konverge Software Solutions

Konverge Software Solutions is a Toronto based software developer. With a team of engineers, business analysts and quality experts on staff, Konverge is at the forefront of development.

These skilled experts have worked in and for organizations of all sizes. They understand the challenges that businesses face and have the know-how to navigate and surpass those challenges.

With staff trained on the latest programming languages and technologies, Konverge is ideally placed to build your next project. They can help translate your business requirements into a working prototype.

By working with a business throughout the project, partnering with Konverge ensures that business needs are being met. The Konverge team utilizes agile methodologies when working. This ensures that clients are kept up to date and informed as a project progresses.

This methodology also allows for changes and has proven to be more flexible than traditional waterfall project management techniques.

How Does It Propel Your Business?

Custom Software

It enhances business results. As an example, SaaS or Software as a Service allows organizations to utilize enterprise-grade solutions regardless of their size. This improves processing and efficiencies. It also allows smaller organizations an opportunity of competing on a level playing field.

Emerging technologies offer a better user experience. Companies now focus efforts on customer experience. These technologies capitalize on that trend.

It also allows businesses to operate beyond their normal boundaries. It allows them to work in an extended workplace, which will eventually help them reach a larger market.

While it increases the reach of a business, emerging technologies have changed the way businesses work. Historically, employees were required to be physically present in an office. Tools and technologies have changed this requirement.

Remote working is on the rise, allowing employees an improved work/life balance. Research has, in fact, demonstrated that employees that spend a portion of their work week offsite are actually more engaged than their deskbound peers. With IoT gaining increased prominence, it’s expected that this pattern will only grow.

What You Need to Know About Building Software

Building software for your company or for your client is not as easy as people think. There are many different factors to consider, to make sure your software is useful to the end user. These include:

  • Design

    The design phase is the most important phase in software development. It sets the main goals that an organization is trying to achieve. It often involves a business analyst working with a project manager to plan out the overall project.

    The design phase also includes a decision on the language to be used. With an understanding of the requirements and goals, a structure can be planned out. It is in this phase that developers will know, what data they need to store. They will also determine possible negative interactions to watch out for.

    If you don’t have a good software design, your software will not function as required by your client.

  • Architect

    As soon as you have your software design, you will need to get a software architect. These people are very familiar with every aspect of coding a program. They know all about the standards in coding a program, the correct platform and the right tools.

    Similar to a house architect, software architects are responsible for making sure that your design is viable. They also verify that the design meets the client’s requirement.

    At the same time, architects try to plan for future innovations and changes. If an additional feature is to be added, the program should be able to accommodate it.

  • Build

    After designing a program and having it pass the software architect for evaluation, building it is next. This stage will require human-readable instructions to be converted to machine language.

    The build stage is where the source code is converted into executable code. It is the executable code that is actually the end product.

How to Ensure Your Project’s Success

Custom Software

As a business owner, you always want to make sure that your project will be a success. You have a vested interest in this, as you spent a lot of money and time.

Here are some basic things you need to consider:

  • Be specific on what you need exactly to achieve. Like how you will use the software or what it is intended to be. Consider who will use the software, the functionality that you require, and the platform that you will be using. This will help the software company in designing a solution that will exactly fit your requirement.
  • Get the best software company to work with you. You can find them through references and even through reviews online. You can also search online. Make a short list and qualify them.
  • Once you have chosen your software company, work with them. Be specific in all the details, they need it, to come up with the best designs. They might have prior experience that can improve your project. They can also guide you with samples and prototypes, so that you know they understand your goal.
  • Your chosen company should actually be one that you partner with. This should be a two way process. In this case, your success is theirs also.


IT solutions are a factor in making your business grow and stay competitive. The right solution can propel your business to new levels. However, it entails a substantial investment to have someone build your software. Getting the best custom software developer will bring you the confidence that you will achieve what you wanted to achieve.

Konverge has been in the industry for over 20 years. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, they have worked with companies across many sectors and verticals.

Konverge has experience working with small, medium and large organizations. Custom software projects are built based on specific requirements.

Konverge’s dedicated teams are able to look after all elements from the initial scoping phase, to development and ongoing support.

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