How AI is Impacting Mobile App Development

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  • Published: 3/15/2019 8:33:19 PM
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Mobile Application Development

Everyone is familiar with the stories of rogue machines under malicious control attacking and decimating humanity. Now while that might be Hollywood and Science Fiction at its best there is concern about the impact of AI when it comes to job losses. However while initial studies predicted catastrophic consequences as AI became mainstream, new research tends to paint a much brighter future. In the new model, AI will replace specific menial tasks, leaving the more interesting elements of a job available.

If the whole concept of AI is confusing to you though, perhaps a brief primer is in order. At its simplest level, AI or Artificial Intelligence is machines programmed to mimic human behavior, particularly the ability to learn. There are different types of AI available based on the specific market and even different strengths of AI. Some AI systems you might already be familiar with are Apple’s Siri which is classified as a weak AI. Strong AI systems are different to these. They can find solutions without any input from a human and can actually self correct.

Artificial Intelligence in Software Development

Mobile Application Development

While it’s somewhat easy to see how machines and AI could replace simple tasks. Is there a potential that AI could actually get to the stage where software could write itself? Perhaps that is something for a far off future, but right now, that is an element that is still purely fiction. However, AI does have an impact on software development in two key ways.

Primarily it helps developers create better software. Some of this is in the tools that are available, but the ability of machines to automatically test code and find bugs cannot be discounted. Through the use of these bots and testing tools, the whole software development cycle can be radically improved.

The second and perhaps more important way that AI helps is that it enables developers to better focus on usability and the customer experience. This can be simple things like predictive text on your smartphone, to more complex web and chat applications that help find answers to your questions.

Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Applications

Mobile Application Development

Smartphones and tablets are ubiquitous. They are everywhere you look and have become the defacto tool for many of us when it comes to gathering information, sharing content and even keeping ourselves entertained. When it comes to AI and Mobile Application development, there is a clear fit as long as certain elements are taken into account.

Leveraging UI to Enhance User Experience

AI Enables Personalization

The AI needs to deliver appropriate content to the user. AI has the ability to analyze patterns of behavior and compare it with large data sets to determine what a particular person’s needs and requirements are. This can help provide guidance when it comes to shopping decisions or even entertainment options. This helps keep users engaged and improves retention as they are gaining value.

Enhances Productivity

AI helps businesses be more productive by removing mundane questions from the front line. Where automatic checks and reports can provide information, AI can significantly speed up response times for end users. This improves customer satisfaction while also freeing up valuable resources for more complex issues.

Increases App Engagement

Mobile Application Development

As AI becomes ever more powerful its usefulness will only increase. Google’s recent demonstration of Duplex is a case in point. With this service, users can utilize an AI to book appointments for them. This application will sound and act human with all of the appropriate pauses. To the person on the other end of the phone line it will seem that it’s just another person making a call, but to us, it’s a huge leap forward in convenience.

Some other examples of this sort of functionality are Taco Bell’s “TacoBot” which helps you select your menu and even Starbucks with it “My Starbucks Barista” app. It’s this personalization and ability to learn behavior patterns that will help transform AI. It will become something that we can all enjoy and appreciate due to how it makes our lives easier.

How Mobile AI will Impact Businesses

Mobile AI is the digital future for companies. With companies able to use more and more features of devices to attract and retain consumers it’s the place that businesses need to focus their efforts.

By integrating apps and mobile in different ways - Amazon Prime pairing with Alexa for example, or Google home and the Nest. In fact the use of tools like IFTTT and IoT is only going to further propel us forward. As more and more tools and apps become available, datasets will also increase. This will further improve the ability of AI to connect users and businesses.


Mobile is the perfect platform for AI. With devices offering integrated GPS functionality, apps can be designed to suggest appropriate solutions based on a users location. AI systems are becoming more and more commonplace and we are only at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to determining how they can benefit us.

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