How Nutritional Analysis Software Improves Your Restaurant Business

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Nutritional Analysis Benefits

As new legislations arise around the calorie labelling of food items in restaurants, restaurant patrons are more interested in the nutritional value of what’s in their dish. There is a lot of media hype about how bad fast food and restaurant food can be for your health. However, this isn’t always the case and a new challenge for restaurants is separating themselves from the other “bad” restaurants.

One solution is to offer nutritional analysis of your dishes to your customers. Become transparent about what’s in your food and win over the health conscious consumer. This doesn’t mean you have to add calorie counts for every dish on the menu, but at minimum offer some healthier choices by adding the nutritional information to some existing dishes, or creating new healthier ones.

Previously, the only way to get a nutritional analysis done was to hire a nutritionist and send your dish to a lab. This is quite expensive, costing on average $800 per dish. Identifying a need in the industry for affordable nutrition analysis, online applications, such as MenuSano, now exist. With MenuSano, restaurants can take out the middleman and input their recipes and dishes online by themselves to get a complete nutritional analysis of their dishes. Restaurant owners, managers, and chefs can experiment with recipes in MenuSano to make a dish healthier by editing or substituting ingredients to increase or decrease nutritional elements such as calories, fats, sodium, carbohydrates, protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, or iron.

Nutritional Analysis Benefits

Benefits of using nutritional analysis software

  • Enables you to showcase the nutritional value of your healthiest menu items as a part of your regular menu items by displaying meals which are high-protein, low-sodium, low-calorie etc.

  • Compliments your existing regular menu as an insert called “healthy menu”.

  • Informs and as a result attracts those consumers that avoid eating out because they are unaware of what they are ingesting.

  • Meets dietary criteria of consumers with specific nutritional needs such as diets which are low in sodium.

  • Provides the opportunity to expand your consumer base by targeting new customers which may be health conscious.

  • Allows transparency about your restaurant which translates into building a relationship and trust.

  • Brings in repeat customers as their dietary needs are met.

  • Empowers consumers by making them feel in control as they are informed about their nutritional intake.

  • Allows you to introduce new menu items as a result of the information in the system and provides a variety menu items to your customers.

  • Educates your staff about the food and the nutritional value it provides to your consumers making them more knowledgeable about the items you offer.

  • Allows you to sleep at night knowing that there is a cost effective way to increase your customer base while meeting any required labelling laws, or to simply offer a new service at your restaurant!

Nutritional analysis software improves your restaurant business and offering healthy options is key to remaining competitive. With a low cost solution, such as MenuSano, offering healthy options on your menu is a win-win situation.

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