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How to Connect with your Well-Connected Customers

  • Author: The Konverge Team
  • Published: 3/2/2020 4:29:38 PM
  • 4 minute read

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The way customers interact with businesses is changing and evolving. Digital technology is transforming the services companies provide and how they are consumed. Companies in today's market, however, are not simply purveyors of a single service.

Many businesses offer multiple packages that consumers can combine in a variety of ways. This could be something as simple as phone, internet, and television, for example. It could also include web hosting, development, and advertising, or a host of different variations.

From a consumer point of view, they have purchased a single package from an organization. However, businesses often see this quite differently.

From a business perspective, this is not one simple package, but rather a bundle of various services. This means the support team, the sales team, the processes, and technology are often different. This strategy is not sustainable for the long term.

Companies need to evolve with digitization. They need to understand the impact of this disjointed path on customer experience. This is where technologies like mobile app development can make a difference.

Current market data tells us that close to 89% of people on smartphones use mobile apps. In contrast, 11% of these same people use standard websites. What we have come to realize is that close to 90% of the time on mobile is spent on apps. With mobile app development, a customized and usable app can help transform the customer journey.

CX and Mobile App Development

Customers use a host of different tools and technologies to search for information. Companies today understand that consumers are more informed than they once were. However, what many businesses have yet to realize is that information by itself is not enough.

Consumers are not just looking for the right information, but also a good overall experience. This information needs to be targeted to their situation and requirement and must also be backed up by the sales team. Mobile is a great way of ensuring that the appropriate information is shared when it is needed. A good customer experience (CX) is also an integral key to differentiating your brand from its competitors.

Market data informs us that 48% of today's consumers search on mobile-first before making any purchasing decision. We also know that poorly designed websites will simply not convert. 57% of mobile users do not recommend or use a site that is not well designed. Companies wishing to buck this trend need to invest in UX/UI design and realize the value of what a good customer experience can do for their business.

Mobile App Development and CX Development Image

The Importance of UX

What is UX? Simply put, UX is a focus on the user experience. This is attempting to understand what matters to the customer. By building a product or service that is created with this understanding in mind, you are providing customers with something they truly want.

Many companies have over time organically grown their products and services. This often means that they offer a hodgepodge of features and benefits. Sadly, without considering UX/UI design, this often means many of the services are not needed. Services and products that might have been useful at an earlier stage, are simply no longer as important.

By focusing on the customer journey, companies can build a more targeted product. To do this correctly, the lens needs to be shifted to the customers. Get the customers to use the product and understand what works and does not work for them. A smart mobile app development process, for example, would focus not just on the problem and solution.

Rather it would look at different factors. When done correctly UX design should look at:

  • Who has the problem?
  • What is the issue they need to solve?
  • What can be done to solve the problem?
  • What will the solution look like?
  • What is needed to get to the solution?
  • How will this change the product?

UX/UI design is not a simple process and requires care and thought to ensure that it is done correctly.

UI Design

Now, while UX is about the user experience, UI is something different. UI is the user interface. UI is the look and feel of the mobile or app that you are designing. UX/UI design work together and are critical factors for businesses to consider.

Today's customers are not restricted to a single shop or location. They can easily search the whole world for a product or service that meets their unique needs. This is where a well designed mobile website and application make a difference.

Badly designed sites can significantly impact businesses. Studies show that a delay of one second can impact conversion rates by 7%!

Companies interested in UI need to understand that the smallest of changes can make a meaningful impact. Icons, buttons, and spacing on a website can even affect page load speeds. A partner that understands these impacts can help keep customers engaged.

Mobile UX Design Image


Digitization has changed the way companies speak to and work with their customers. The focus is no longer simply on providing a product or service. Rather, it has changed to emphasize the customer.

UX/UI design are built around the consumer. Companies are changing how they market their products and these factors are playing a larger role. Konverge is a software development company located in Canada. Deeply skilled in mobile app development, Konverge can help companies embrace this change.

Konverge and its team of developers have worked with companies from large to small. Skilled and experienced with mobile app development and UX/UI design, they simply know what works. Konverge's team of developers can help you build an application that will reach your well-connected customers. They can create apps on Android or iOS and with an understanding of UX/UI, allowing them to develop an engaging app that will elevate your business.

Contact us for more information and let our team help you.

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