How to Enhance your Custom Software Projects with Agile Development

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  • Published: 6/19/2019 1:22:22 PM
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Agile Custom Software Development

The software development life-cycle is complex. Some of the most well-known methodologies include:

  • waterfall
  • big bang
  • iterative
  • agile

The common factor with methodologies like Waterfall and Big Bang, is that the process as a whole is predictable. They involve significant amounts of planning and estimation.

The older style is known to be significantly less flexible than its replacement. Agile software development, on the other hand, is extremely flexible and nimble. It allows both the client and the developer to make changes during the course of a project. This is something that other development styles are incapable of.

To know more about why this software is so much in demand, let’s look into its benefits.

1. Faster time to market = earlier ROI

Agile software can be thought of as a process of continuous development. Agile allows companies to implement small changes quickly. Larger projects can also be broken down into smaller components. By providing regular iterations, businesses can quickly put products into production.

In addition, because of such frequent and quick developments, new products can also be delivered at a faster rate. This allows organizations to quickly react to changing market conditions.

2. No fear of the "Change Monster"

Agile projects embrace change readily. If your product needs to go under any development, then it can occur without much effort. During the course of development, it is quite common to find new requirements. Similarly, already specified requirements might not work as intended.

Earlier, these issues would only be discovered after a project had been fully completed. With agile development, issues can now be addressed a lot sooner. Any new or changed backlog items can be planned for the next iteration. This means enhancements and changes can be delivered in weeks, instead of months or years.

3. Transparency

Agile development allows the client to be a part of the development process. From the earliest stages, clients are involved in determining what the product should do. This includes specifying the look and feel, but also all of the outputs.

With the ability to be informed at regular stages, clients are able to refocus development efforts. This ensures that the final product delivered meets quality specifications. It also ensures that it provides the desired functionality.

stakeholder Engagement with Agile Development

4. Stakeholder Engagement

The increased transparency helps the client in gaining trust in the product. However, the user of the product also needs to be involved and onboard. With agile development, this is an option.

Stakeholders can be involved in testing the product. This allows them to understand their capabilities and also suggest additional improvements. By involving the client at every stage of product development, customers are ensured of a higher level of success.

5. Focus on the end user

Any software project aims to deliver a product that users will benefit from. However, having all of the users of a project involved might not be feasible. This is especially true in cases where the final product is one that will be used by external customers.

In this case, and for internal projects, an experienced user representative needs to represent their views. This helps to ensure that:

  • Actual user requirements are properly communicated.
  • New or changing requirements are accounted for.
  • The product meets expectations and delivers what is expected.

Companies that focus only on features fail to account for the true user. In these cases, even if a product has all of the bells and whistles, it will fail. The users' needs and requirements must be accounted for during any software development project.

6. Focus on the business objectives

As important as a users’ needs are, businesses exist to earn a profit. Any new software development projects need to ensure that:

  • The company is more efficient with the software.
  • The software integrates into other systems.
  • The software can be customized easily.

Developers, project managers, and business analysts need to understand the needs of the business they are working for. Each organization has different requirements. Often, a solution that will work with one type of company will be ineffective in another.

Product developers need to keep client needs in mind at all times. They must understand what the client is asking for and also what the client requires. These two might not always be the same and it is up to the product team to advise the client appropriately.

Agile Process for Better Quality Software

7. Better quality software

By parsing large projects into smaller, more manageable chunks, testing is improved. This helps in multiple ways.

A product can be tested to ensure that it is performing to expectations. It must meet the expected goals and functions. In addition, it should offer the users the look and feel that they were expecting.

Secondly, testing can ensure that the new product does not break the functionality that is already available. Testing needs to check all of the interactions and ensure that no new bugs are introduced.


Agile software development companies are better able to act and react to changing requirements and market conditions. Agile includes iterative and progressive procedures targeted towards quick delivery.

Businesses can deliver a product on time and on budget, but still miss the mark for usefulness. As an agile custom software development company, Konverge understands the strategies needed for success.

An award-winning company, Konverge has extensive experience with agile custom software development and mobile app development.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Konverge has worked with some of Canada’s leading corporations. With skilled project managers and business analysts on staff, the team has plenty of knowledge in the latest technologies and tools. Find out more about Konverge’s custom software solutions, by requesting a consultation!

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