Is it time for Business Process Improvements?

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So it’s the start of another year and organizations are more motivated than ever to increase the profitability of their business.  Countless hours are spent on business plans, sales projections etc. all in the name of growing the business and decreasing the bottom line.  One area of improvement that is almost always over looked no matter the size of the organization is Business Process Improvement. 

So what is business process and how can I improve it?

“A business process is a collection of linked tasks which find their end in the delivery of a service or product to a client. A business process has also been defined as a set of activities and tasks that, once completed, will accomplish an organizational goal” (Find definition here)

For most organizations the thought of process improvement includes outside consultants, lean six sigma and LEAN principles to evaluate some of your current processes. In almost all cases it’s not looked at as an opportunity but as a mundane undertaking that can waste valuable time and resources (money). “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.  But the reality is as an organization grows and moves through time some of the simple day to day business processes are neglected and don’t grow and change with the business.   Here in lies the opportunity.

A lot of it process improvement opportunities come down to simple common sense and can be uncovered with a few simple questions:

  • Do we have errors as a result of data input or human errors?
  • Do we have a process that requires me to send approvals to several different people/departments?
  • Do we have a manual excel or reporting process?

If an email was sent throughout the organization asking the above questions to staff members most organizations would be amazed at the number of response that received at least one “Yes” answer.  The majority of the processes identified by the three question can be automated with simple workflow solutions that will provide instant tangible business results. 


By: Joshua Ruff

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