Making the Right Investment in Custom Software

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  • Published: 4/15/2021 10:23:19 AM
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Investment in Software

Building custom software can seem like a daunting task for any business regardless of size. There are many unknowns, deliverables and technical jargon that can be confusing and a bit overwhelming. So why do so many companies choose to go the custom software route? A custom software project can take a whole company to a higher level of functioning, resulting in profit growth.

Over time, the investment placed into a custom software project pays for itself with customers that are more aligned and understand the brand more. Software aides in the smooth running of operations within a company, a backend with less glitches, and faster processing. A program that has the customized needs of your employees at its center is an achievement that products better work and less errors.

The Right Investment starts with the Right Foundation

A good custom software vendor will make sure they are working diligently with a partner to make sure tasks are completed to meet client standards. Clarity for the client is key to understanding exactly what's going on at every step of the process. The best way of looking at putting in the time and finances into the custom work is by considering it as a very necessary investment.

The stages of building custom software are not unlike constructing a building. The software company must understand processes and know how to handle tasks and curve balls thrown their way. It’s imperative to know how to navigate the field of teams and deliverables that go into a well-designed and completed product. The first step to a good, solid start is by creating the proper requirement documents to get a project off the ground.

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What is a Requirement Document?

The first step of the custom software development is creating a document that outlines each part of the deliverable process. A Requirement Document, sometimes called a System Requirements Specification (SRS), is the outcome of a meeting scheduled with a business analyst. Going over what a company is in need of andanalyzing pain points, opportunities and new development ideas may take time. The most important steps in building the software should end up on the document. At its core, the document highlights what a program, app or site will do.

How does a Requirement Document Help?

One misconception of a requirement document is that it defines how the project will do a task or ask. A Requirements Document is not designed for that. It is created to define what is to be built into the software to a very exact point.The developers entrusted with the creation of said project will communicate how to best go about the how. A Requirement Document will list exactly what the developer needs to build, and what is included in deliverables and what is not. In contrast, the SRS informs the project plan, but does not include it.

Defining the scope is another key aspect of a Requirement Document. Will the project be of considerable size, requiring many moving parts and labour, or on the smaller side? These are all things that will need to be considered so that the software team can plan ahead and lay out a roadmap for the custom software project. It helps direct expectations, break down tasks into manageable chunks and works to compartmentalize very big projects into something everyone in a company can understand.

Most importantly, a Requirement Document is a tactile piece of information that will help in making the final decision on which company you’d like to hire for the job. Shopping around and comparing prices, timelines, and expectations for the project can help determine company budgets, plans, internal timelines and even staffing needs. It is the tool that will help in cost estimation and provide ground for a roadmap to project success.

How do you get a Software Requirement Document?

There’s a few ways of going about creating a Requirement Document. There may be a marketing team capable of creating one that can be taken to a developer or company and analyzed for weaknesses and expectations, or the more direct approach of going directly to a company and working with a business analyst about requirements, expectations and needs.

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Typically, the most often chosen route is going directly to a software company with a list of needs, and working with their team to create a solid, manageable plan. This plan will be aligned based on what is immediate and what the completion plan and order are decided on. This provides a fresh set of professionals that may help identify holes or weaknesses that might have otherwise been missed. Software companies tend to work with many brands and businesses, and that experience can help in looking ahead for problems and opportunities in the field, information that is invaluable in itself. It can also develop suggestions and solutions not previously considered, saving both money and time.

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Konverge can Help

We work diligently and closely with any company, offering BAaaS (Business Analyst as a service) helping any team grow and develop custom software. Konverge is all about people first, tech second. We see a project from the blueprints to its final form. Our business analysts will help design and plan your Custom Software System Requirements Document so you can take it and compare what we can do to our competition. We guarantee, you’ll pick us.

Konverge is a leader in the field of software development. With custom software services that range from technology consulting, business analysis, QA, application maintenance and solution integration, all the necessary needs of any business are right at your disposal with a company that has over 26 years of experience growing and developing software solutions. For us, it is people first, tech second.

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