Mobile App Design in 2019 - Top UX Trends

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  • Published: 7/16/2019 3:32:12 PM
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Mobile App UX/UI Design

Apps in the market today are designed depending on user needs. Developing an app requires expert skill and the best ones dedicate a lot of time to user experience design. Placing UX at the forefront of any mobile app will ensure its success in the marketplace. Below are some of the top UX trends for 2019.

Navigation Trends

In the software design and UX world, the question of how best to use screen real estate correctly is one that has long been raging. Is it better to focus on the top navigation or integrate swipe up gestures from the bottom of the screen? Both have their advantages.

For example, with swipe gestures from the bottom, users can easily manipulate screens with just their thumbs. All the information regarding a particular application is available with just a swipe up gesture. Further information will be present by scrolling sideways.

This bottom sheet is incredibly flexible. While keeping the primary context still in the background, the additional information can be easily scrolled for. This feature also makes looking for context within the app easier.

UX is more than the code that is written. It is built around ensuring that customer requirements are met in a useful and functional manner. With apps, part of the process ensures that the design meets expectations.

3D Design

3D graphics and interfaces blend the edge of reality and animation designs. By using this technology, one can tap into any product and find out more about its technicalities and have a clearer understanding of the product.

3D designs have already made a mark in movies and video games. They are being expanded even further with other apps in 2019. Now apps allow you to virtually arrange furniture to determine if it is suitable in a space. Shopping apps being released provide similar capabilities with various clothing.

Mobile App UX/UI Design

Personalization of Interfaces

Who doesn't like to give a touch of personality to their apps? Apps serve so many different purposes, from news to entertainment and everything in between.

UX & UI design helps ensure that apps truly meet the needs of the user. The UX design process ensures that business needs are being met in a manner that is useful and looks good.

In recent trends, mobile apps come with personalization features. This lets users change fonts and styles and even add new icons. Devices can be customized, providing significant capabilities and adjustments that extend beyond changing the background.

These options for the change in user graphics have been introduced, seeing that this generates a lot of interest in the users and also increases the app's options. There is nothing like having a unique configuration that truly suits your requirements.

The personalization of interfaces option on any app helps achieve this. This is something that can transform the usability of an app and help make it truly popular. Two users of the same app can have a different design, making the use of the app more interesting to each user.

Mobile App UX/UI Design

Complex and Sophisticated Graphics

What intrigues the interest of any person today is to witness something new and creative. People flock easily for things that haven’t been seen by many and is unique to them. App developers keep this aspect in mind and are developing apps that have complex graphics. They also ensure that the app looks sophisticated and elegant to the end-users.

These graphics make surfing through the app easier, as they tend to give a clearer perspective about how the app can be best used. These graphics might be in any form. They can be used in illustration or be a continuously moving short format that intrigues or keeps your interest on a page for a while.

Usually, these graphics appear between the loading of pages. UX design ensures that the look and feel of an app ties back to the actual business goals designated.

Video Backgrounds

These effects help people in the field of advertising, without a doubt. A video always reaches out to a wider range of audiences. Appropriate audio and video in a user interface can tie the audience into the story you’re telling. This is a part of the UX testing phase and studies have shown these visuals attract the attention of a user over any written text.

The video background on most apps increases the chance of advertising. However, it is important that the internet speed of the user is considered when using this feature. Videos that buffer and pause do not have the same impact.

Design Systems

Material design is indeed a very interesting concept. The main focus of the material design is to build a user interface that introduces a level of physicality into the digital experience. This is a concept that embraces and enhances the fact that whatever happens within the user interface should be as intuitive and natural as possible.

The guidelines for iOS were developed to create a responsive interface without confusing users with similar interfaces. This guideline’s purpose is to provide a greater user experience across all devices. Given the fact that material design focuses on enhancing unique designs, it is seen that developers tend to copy these designs and create a replica of it.

Mobile App UX/UI Design


UX design that is being enhanced in 2019 is increasing in user benefits. These new designs are specially built to create a more comfortable user interface and a more natural experience.

Konverge understands the importance of UX design when it comes to mobile app development. While bandwidth and internet speeds continue to increase, poorly designed apps will not meet customer expectations. Apps that crash or take minutes to load will be uninstalled for better options. Konverge knows that apps need to be designed to meet user expectations while also having an attractive appearance.

Companies looking for app design that meets specific user needs and requirements need to contact us. At Konverge, our team utilizes the latest technologies and ensures that work is built to the highest specification. As an agile software development company, Konverge works with businesses to build apps that can meet their demands.

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