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Non-Obvious Reasons why Existing Businesses Need Mobile Apps

  • Author: The Konverge Team
  • Published: 10/14/2021 9:40:57 AM
  • 4 minute read

App development for Business

Some businesses use mobile apps for marketing and general brand recognition, but there are many other reasons why existing businesses need mobile apps.

Retail businesses for example might use mobile apps as a means to provide loyal customers with discounts, coupons, and other incentives. Similarly, shops could let customers browse their online inventory or even place orders directly through an app helping improve the overall customer experience.

However, these examples are all somewhat obvious. There are many other reasons why businesses should consider a mobile app.

24/7 business

The internet has helped open many markets to global competition. Many businesses now have 24/7/365 operations and a mobile app is an essential component in their success.

A mobile app allows users to place orders at any time of the day or night. It can give customers self-service ways to communicate with the company and perform other services such as checking account balances, requesting information, or downloading statements.

This means that both customer service and operational staff are able to work more efficiently because they have access to real-time information that guides them in their interactions with customers.

In addition, with the integration of knowledge and AI chat features, the app can provide near-real-time support to customers regardless of the issues they might face. This helps ensure that a business is able to provide world-class service without requiring a massive investment in staff and resources.

Reaching a new Audience

Using mobile apps as a means of advertising can expose your business to new markets that were previously untapped. Not only will your business have the potential to reach new regions, but it will also be accessible to new demographics.

For businesses used to traditional marketing, mobile apps can be a game-changer. With smartphones increasing in use and popularity daily, mobile apps let companies target consumers at all times of the day and wherever they are.

With a mobile app, not only can a business get a message out to a new audience, but they can get feedback from their target market so they know what resonates and what doesn’t. The ability to receive feedback from potential customers is a tremendous asset for any business.

A mobile app enables the business to develop a relationship with current and future clients by delivering relevant, engaging content - which could ultimately lead to building a massive following.

App development for Business consumer behaviour

Tracking and analyzing consumer behavior

Software companies are always looking for ways to help their clients target the right audience, and apps are one way that this can be achieved because they allow businesses to track user behavior in order to gain valuable insight on who is using what content, when, where and how often.

An app is extremely easy for an existing business to implement compared to other marketing initiatives. By integrating an app into their business model companies can reduce their marketing costs and increase sales simply by attracting new customers through word of mouth, referrals, organic search engine optimization (SEO), inbound links, and social media.

With a mobile app, companies can use smartphone features like cameras and GPS to better reach consumers on the go. It allows you to precisely target all aspects of your message without wasting money by targeting consumers who aren’t interested in your product or service. Plus, apps are always with you regardless of whether or not you have Internet access on your smartphone.

More social sharing from your customers

An app also keeps your customers coming back for more, increasing brand loyalty which reduces churn rates and keeps revenue streams strong. Utilizing social media as a means of marketing through an app is brilliant because it gives your customers the ability to share what they love about your brand, increasing referrals.

Social sharing is extremely simple from an app requiring just a few taps on the phone screen for customers to share their thoughts, pictures, likes, and dislikes with their friends.

Increase your conversions

With an app, you can increase customer engagement by offering them exclusive deals based on their previous shopping history or location. You can even send targeted push notifications, offering discounts to specific user groups during certain times of the day so you can broadcast your message only at the time when it's most likely to drive purchases.

Build stronger relationships across all promotional channels

An app is an extension of your core business, allowing you to inform users about upcoming promotions and special events while providing them with other helpful resources such as updated contact information in case they need directions or want to call your business.

App development for Business consumer sharing

It allows your customers to give feedback

Mobile apps encourage customer retention. Providing feedback through an app is a simple process and is something that can be integrated into the regular shopping flow. This will let a consumer inform you about their overall experience and what they like (and don't like) and where and when and how they tend to use your business.

Potential customers looking for reviews about your business online can use the reviews posted by other app users to understand what they can expect from the product or service even before they make a purchase.

A mobile app offers an increased return on investment

Mobile applications can be used as a tool to increase revenue/sales in many ways by existing businesses. They include improved lead generation, improved engagement, improved search engine optimization (SEO), abandoned cart recovery, cross-selling/up-selling, or even just building customer loyalty through incentives or rewards programs.

A mobile application can help you establish your business as a thought leader.

By having an app, you are able to be relevant because it makes you easily accessible to many customers. Your brand will be exposed to more people and this creates awareness about your product or service.

It's important to realize that the average consumer checks their smartphone dozens of times a day. Having a mobile app that they are looking at regularly will definitely increase your brand exposure and help your business stay relevant.

How Konverge can Help

When considering building an app for your business you need to find the right partner. At Konverge we have over 27 years of experience in building software.

Konverge has a track record of delivering successful projects to businesses of all sizes. We will make sure that your app not only looks great but also functions well. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, it's time to start thinking about having an app created for your business.

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