Organizational Learning Leveraging SharePoint Customization

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Modern organizations require unique communication and information systems to leverage organizational learning in the workplace.The way an organization learns and adapts is a key advantage over those that do not employ this practice. It is useful to review what learning experiences have been beneficial to you in the past, when was learning enjoyable and interesting to you? SharePoint serves many purposes; learning is definitely one of those. This blog posts discusses how SharePoint customization is an integral educational tool for the modern workforce. 

Before we discuss the advantages of utilizing SharePoint customization for organizational learning, one has to ask the question, can organizations learn? What is the nature of learning when done by the organization? What are key goals that senior management has set for the organization in efforts to become a learning organization? Empowering employees to collaborate and communicate in a manner that is easy to understand the lines of communication and structure is where SharePoint shines. From blogs to wiki’s to the other benefits SharePoint can offer, these functions can be set up with relative ease, and customized  to your organizational needs is what the modern organization requires.

Going for the low hanging fruit enables companies to create short term wins with few challenges embarking them while using SharePoint’s vast set of capabilities. SharePoint customization can be used to solve a wide range of business problems, with minimal to moderate customization. To ensure transformation efforts are a fruitful one, organizations have to consolidate improvements and produce still more change. Institutionalizing these new approaches to articulating between the new behaviors and corporate success, determines the organizations future success in trying to achieve a learning culture.

Where does a leader start in utilizing SharePoint? A needs analysis of your current systems and processes is important to understand the history, of the need and how to take the organization to the next level. Meeting with subject matter experts within the organization pulls deep rooted knowledge to start the process of becoming a learning organization. This blog post is meant to shine a light on how SharePoint can help your organization become a learning organization and offered some initial questions to ask your senior management team.

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