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Remote Work: Best Practices and How to Master it with Custom Software

  • Author: The Konverge Team
  • Published: 6/4/2020 9:00:21 AM
  • 3 minute read

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In the climate of COVID-19, remote work is the new standard. While companies and workers are still grappling with working remotely, it's clear that some benefits are surfacing too. Utilizing less office space and managing workers and managers remotely calls for an elevation and some pivoting from business leaders. Although creating a custom software may seem like a lot of work, a time like this is perfect for your team to engage with an audience that is already at home and information hungry. They are more likely to engage with your work and your team.

You now have a captive target, surely a change in your current practices is a step forward for your company. You have the opportunity to tell your company’s story and connect with your current and future customers.

A good custom software solution also allows your team to feel confident in their work because they can engage in multiple levels between themselves, management, and if need be, clients. It is the most important framework of an office that is remote and needs to respond quickly and seamlessly to any needs.

Virtual Meetings with Remote Work Software

Engagement and personal connection are two main ingredients in keeping remote workers in good spirits in a time of exceptional stress. Custom software for your company is the best solution to work with your team's unique needs and abilities and optimize output while lessening stress.

Remote work software allows your team to collaboratively communicate with the right tools and setup, but it must work on all levels. From workers to managers, software must cover all assets of the natural workplace connection to be successful.

Integrate with your Current Working Tools with Agile Custom Software Development

The most important aspect of remote work software is the integration between your current tools and the custom built project. It has to be a seamless integration as the team hits the ground running and the learn-time on the new addition should be minimal and quick, allowing the team to master the program without much slowdown.

Virtual team management, remote collaborations, automating processes or updating older systems; all these needs are easily undertaken by a good custom software development team.

The software you end up with should be able to work for you and your brand for years to come, but because we’re all facing constant social shifts, the need to pivot and adapt should always be kept in mind. Agile custom software development allows businesses to manage changes in the project quickly and efficiently. With multiple iterations during the agile software development process, transparency between the team and stakeholder results in a successful custom software project upon delivery.

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Connect with Customers Through Video Posts

Remote work puts a very interesting highlight on how your company engages on social platforms. Your team is allowed to show customers a more intimate side of the company, and social media is uniquely positioned to make that a strength.

Video posts are not only a new addition that gets more of the algorithm's attention, they show your customers your brand in real-time, strengthening the connection you need to create brand advocates. A more effective connection tool shows culture, beliefs, people and workplace morale.

Custom software can offer a new platform to help connect your products and services to your target audiences. Depending on your business needs, technology can be customized to provide the right solution and help elevate your company.

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The Right Business Software Solution

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