Should You Hire an Offshore Company for Your Custom Software Project?

  • Author: The Konverge Team
  • Published: 2/2/2021 11:37:15 AM
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You Get What You Pay For: The Downside of Using Offshore Development Blog

A question many companies looking to develop and optimize their assets ask themselves is whether offshoring software developers is a smart business move. The most preliminary search will bring up a lot of arguments both for and against.

One key point is the connectivity relationship that is needed to develop between both sides. This blog expounds on the idea that as with most things in life, cutting corners gets mediocre, bad results at best, and often an unfinished project and a broken relationship and reputation.

You Get What You Pay For: The Downside of Using Offshore Development Blog

Onshore Versus Offshore

Onshore development is the term used pertaining to a team of developers who are either on site working as a direct part of your team, or are a secondary company working closely with you in the general area of your location. This means you are directly involved with a team and you manage them in a timely fashion. Communication, catching errors, and accountability are easily amenable issues that do not take chunks out of a budget, and results most often come in faster and of significantly higher quality.

The high costs of production are the reason most companies ever consider hiring abroad, which is essentially what offshore means. You end up sourcing from a company that is most often operating from a country where low wages, bad management, and human rights violations abound. The result is a team of developers that not only don’t care about your project or vision, but may not be qualified, is rarely held accountable because of time differences and distance, and are most likely overworked and burned out.

Offshore developer teams are known to stick to a brief in the basest sense, taking on no creative editing. High attrition rates and high demand means a team of offshore developers do not have to worry about giving your project 100%. Unlike onshore teams, which add value, build, scale and maintain pristine code, their project ends and they move on to the next. For you, that means their product does not have to last, it just has to check all the boxes in the interim.

For huge corporations planning work years in advance, the model of offshore developers may work. For companies that don’t have that time, it’s a question of getting lucky with a team that may be better than others. In any case, due to time, cultural differences, and communication and language errors, you must plan a few weeks out of your schedule and budget to account for errors, bugs, communication issues, and the like.

Managing Offshore Development Team

Software developers who still get this right maintain a small team of senior developers onshore. Granted, the team may be smaller, but going completely offshore for a company that wants to stay in business is virtually impossible. The most undervalued commodity between a company and its clients is client trust. Not having the ability to develop fast changes, good code, and reliable service is the fastest way to ruining brand reputation. Not only is this a problem with the people who’s projects you are building, but it can also be destructive internally. At the end of the day, a team is only as strong as its weakest developer.

A team of developers you’ve never met, and likely never will more than once is an incredibly hard thing to control and demand good output from. Like we said before, things like language barriers, culture differences, time zones, and laws are all ways of adding friction to a system that should be frictionless. Having senior developers onshore overlooking your project will be key to its success. They will bridge the missing gaps in your team, thus helping your business move forward in every stage of your software development. Gone are the barriers that you’d be facing with just an offshore team and in this way, your costs will be low and the success rate of your project will be high.

Custom Software Development

Protocol, experience, and budgets are the three pillars of great custom software development planning. The company you choose to place your trust in should show you their roster of pleased clients, provide case studies, work with you on your project based on your finances, and utilize their experience to provide you with the best product possible.

Having a stable point of contact that mediates between the software world and what’s important to you is vital. You want to trust that your expectations are being met, and that the company isn’t lying about what it can do for your company. Trust is easily broken and takes a lot more work to repair. A good software development company will be aware of that and in-tune to your needs and pain points, working with you to develop and help, not just cash in a check.

We here at Konverge are determined that you should work with a developer that is right for you. Not everyone is a perfect fit; it should feel right.

You Get What You Pay For: The Downside of Using Offshore Development Blog

Offshore Infographic

Offshore Infographic

Download this infographic to learn more about how Konverge manages Offshore teams for project success.

Software Development Services

Offshore development may work for some, but the reality of unreliable teams with no accountability or measurable success or trust is too big a price to pay for companies that want excellence from their product and teams. When the bills are stacked, the lower price you pay at first does not translate into money saved, projects completed, and client satisfaction in the end.

Konverge is your premier partner for software development services. We know what it is you are looking for, and our senior development team is ready to make that happen for you, on shore. We are leaders in our field and we will ensure that your project is well looked after. We are here to serve you, our clients.

We are an agile custom software development organization, aiming to work closely on your projects, and any curveballs that they may throw our way. Our goal is quality project completion and customer satisfaction. We have experience working with companies of all sizes across Canada, and we know how to help you succeed.

Konverge is a certified Microsoft Gold Partner. With a team of developers, project managers, business and quality assurance analysts that are keen to work with you, for us, it’s people first, tech second. Request a consultation today, we'd love to hear from you.

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