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Tap Into the Power of Data with Custom Software

  • Author: The Konverge Team
  • Published: 2/19/2020 9:46:41 AM
  • 3 minute read

Data Management with Custom Software Image

Companies run on information, it’s true. In today's world, the amount of data available to businesses is staggering. Statistics from IDC predict an annual growth rate of close to 61%. Considering the sum of the world's data is currently 33 zettabytes now, by 2025 it is expected to be 175ZB!

Part of this growth is due to the proliferation of smartphones and connected devices. Another factor is the increasing reach of the Internet of Things (IoT). Companies often struggle to handle this deluge of information. Fortunately, custom software solutions paired with big data are here to help businesses, big or small.

Bespoke Software

Off-the-shelf software is built to appeal to the largest number of clients. This is the only way to justify its creation. While this might work for individuals, it is not a suitable option for businesses.

Companies have countless internal systems that need to be interconnected. They also have significant amounts of data that needs processing. Custom software solutions in the form of bespoke software are ideal for these requirements.

Bespoke software is built to suit a client’s unique needs. It can be designed to tap into legacy systems and networks. This ensures that data already compiled does not get lost. Added to this, bespoke software can be designed based on companies’ actual working processes. It is meant to be one of a kind.

The Power of Big Data

Big data is based on patterns. Instead of trying to understand an individual, you are instead looking for trends. These trends occur for a variety of different reasons.

The key point with big data is the volume of it. Big data is of two general types - unstructured and structured. However, it is important to realize that traditional database structures are not designed for the amount of data provided.

With the right tools and professionals involved, big data analytics is possible to acquire and measure. Analysis of big data can lead businesses in new directions, as they uncover possibilities and insights that are previously hidden. With the right data-driven software, your ROI is sure to be high.

Custom Software and Big Data Image

Limitless Potential

Big data pairs up extremely well with custom software and mobile app development. IDC reports that close to 37% of data generated can be utilized by organizations. Many companies are nowhere close to this potential. As the global rollout of technologies like 5G and IoT continues, the amount of data available will only skyrocket.

Companies need to focus on several different areas to take advantage of this partnership. Mobile app development is one area of growth.

With billions of smartphones in the world already, it does not matter what industry you are in, your customers are looking for a solution. Everyone is connected. If you do not offer mobile solutions, you are missing out on targeting potential clients. Your business needs to go where your customers are.

Sadly, you are also probably losing out as your customers are bound to go to your competition if they offer features and benefits that you cannot deliver. Mobile lets you access data and inputs from your users in real-time. This leads directly to the next benefit of this partnership.

Customers are looking for faster responses. They want to have the answers without waiting. Web application development lets you use the power of big data to bolster your automation efforts. With requests coming into your support and sales teams from multiple channels, you need to look for data solutions. If you use big data to understand not only what your customer is asking now, but what those questions will lead to, then you can act proactively.

This is where automation and tools like AI can help. AI works through data. The information provided needs to be accurate and relevant. Big data can help ensure that AI systems have what they need to function effectively within your organization.

Big Data with Custom Software and Mobile App Development Image


Technology is a driver of growth. Modern businesses today know that they need to continue innovating and changing if they want to retain customers. In addition to digital transformation, technologies like big data are powering the future through custom software solutions.

If you are planning on exploring big data and digital transformation, do get in touch with a leader in this space. Konverge is a bespoke software developer located in Toronto, Canada, with over 26 years of experience working for some of Canada's largest organizations. Offering web and mobile app development services, Konverge can help you expand your business. Schedule a chat with us today.

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