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  • Published: 11/26/2019 11:15:31 AM
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Thanks to technology, the medical field is constantly changing. This is to everyone’s benefit, as rare and terminal illnesses are now easier to diagnose and treat. Improved processes and tools have helped patients in a myriad of ways.

AI in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has had a huge impact on many industries. One of these is healthcare.  Improvements in disease-diagnosis have been noted since the incorporation of AI in healthcare. Complex procedures like radiology and surgeries have also become easier and more efficient.

The most common contribution of AI in medicine is when it comes to offering a diagnosis for patients. A significant amount of equipment and technology in health facilities is wireless. AI software can analyze data provided from multiple different sources. As AI is able to learn, the more information it gathers, the more efficient it becomes.

In addition, AI and machine learning can bypass many human weaknesses such as fatigue and forgetfulness. This helps ensure simple errors are avoided.

Today, it is possible to walk into a health facility and get monitored and diagnosed by machine versus a human doctor. The advantage of this approach is that the time required for a correct diagnosis is significantly shortened. This lets you get immediate treatment and reduce the chance of simple issues escalating to major health risks.

The fact is that an AI learning system is simply quicker. The diagnosis of ailments is also quite precise. This ensures that with AI software, any issue will be immediately pointed out, allowing prompt treatment. Gone are the days of trial and error that would very easily result in wrongful diagnosis causing major health crises.

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Medical Devices

Innovations in healthcare have been coming in different ways, and they are presenting a new way of thinking about approaching medicine.  Healthcare has become very efficient due to the creation of custom software. AI systems, robotics, and big data are all great and innovative ideas that have entirely revolutionized healthcare. This has improved the experience of patients and the general medical fraternity in many ways.

Below are a few examples of how innovative ideas and technologies are changing healthcare today.

1. The Use of 3D Models for Surgical Preparation

The use of 3D modelling in medical centers has led to a lot of improvements in procedures that were previously rather complicated. Today, surgeons can practice surgery on 3D models representing their patients. This way, they get to practice and perfect their art before operating on real patients.

Previously, surgeons tried out experimental procedures on new patients without a guarantee of success. Today, a surgeon will have gained some experience working on 3D models. By the time they are operating on a patient, they are more confident and effective.

2. Big Data in Treating Rare Ailments

A challenge in coming up with new drugs and treatments for rare diseases is the lack of enough research on such conditions. However, with the advent of AI, it is now possible for such information to be collected from multiple sources. This makes it easy for comparisons to be made and similarities detected across a wide range of conditions.

When such information is gathered, it is then sent to pharmacists and scientists who can understand the conditions better. This helps in the creation of treatments and cures.

3. AI Robots

Traditionally, surgeries were invasive and risky procedures. However, with AI, the risk of delicate operations like heart surgery has greatly reduced and become more effective.

Today, a surgeon can put a small incision on your chest and insert a miniature robot. Then they control it to the affected areas of your heart for therapy. This reduces the risk of accidental damage that may be detrimental to your health. The AI robots are also precise, and they can correct any faults that you may have, causing minimal damage.

4. VR Technologies

Virtual Reality (VR) is another interesting concept that is being incorporated into healthcare. Consider the anxiety and fear that many patients encounter when undergoing medical procedures like surgeries, or even during the birth process.

Today, the effects of these can be controlled by the use of VR. Patients are given VR glasses to wear, and they are taken to different and more comfortable environments. This is to ease their minds of pressure. That way, they can undergo such medical processes in a more relaxed and comfortable manner.

5. 24/7 AI-controlled Chatbox

Nowadays, you do have to travel or waste time waiting to see a doctor for consultations. By contacting the ever online chatboxes run by intelligent software, you can get access to a qualified medical opinion.

Most health centers today have information on their patients. By asking questions to the AI systems, you can get quality advice concerning your health. This includes recommended remedies for your conditions.

6. Cloud-Based Data Storage

Gone are the days when patient data was stored in many physical files that were often irretrievable. Technology has allowed cloud storage where all information is stored in a central database. Therefore any follow-up or referral of patient records can be done remotely and at any time. This reduces the time spent on diagnosis, allowing prompt treatment and recovery.

Custom Mobile Software for Healthcare

Quality Of Life

The current innovations in healthcare have led to an improved life for patients the world over. With the reduced time now being spent diagnosing patients for various illnesses, and effective procedures being easily achieved, life has generally gotten easier. A great advantage of this new approach is that AI systems are always gathering new data. This means that they are learning new and more effective ways to offer treatments.

The path to quality healthcare is now lit. Thanks to technology, we are well equipped to deal with whatever life throws our way. More research on better and more advanced innovations is currently underway, and the future of quality healthcare is bright. As a result, fewer patients are losing their lives to medical conditions.

At the current pace, we are headed for a technology-oriented world.  Here illnesses that were previously perilous and feared are now controllable. The scope is limitless. With more progress in medical innovations, we are fast approaching a better world full of hope and improved purpose.


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