The Five Trademarks of Industry 4.0 Revolution Ready Organization

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  • Published: 1/24/2019 2:38:28 PM
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The Five Trademarks of Industry 4.0 Revolution Ready Organization

In many industries the only common factor is change. Manufacturing is no different. Every trend has a name. The current 4.0 revolution is the modern age revolution. AI and IoT Technology is the baseline for this revolution. Advancements in technology have automated and digitalized every aspect of the manufacturing industry.

In the past few years, these new technologies have undergone massive development. They are now ready to be implemented commercially. The technologies span mobile computing to cloud computing. It also includes internet of things, cyber-physical systems, and cognitive computers. The fourth industrial revolution aims to upgrade and automate your system. It has the key to accessing real-time data and generating results that are more effective. With accurate and timely data, your business will be able to achieve new levels of efficiency.

The idea of 4.0 industry revolution is certainly exciting and technologically advanced same time. It envelops several other technological concepts. There is no denying that the ubiquity of the internet and wireless connections have altered the potential of every business. The new revolution proposes a way in which computers can effectively communicate with other computers. Likewise, they are able to learn from humans as well. The ability to use computers for these processes might seem far-stretched, but it is just a matter of time.

There are five main trademarks of 4.0 industry that we will discuss in more detail.

Agile Environment

The robustness offered by agile methods has helped them gain mainstream acceptance. They have proven useful for enhancing existing products and for the development of new products. Often people assume the agile methodology is only used in software development. This is an incorrect assumption.  In industry, it can be used for product design, development, and manufacturing. Agile development ensures that your manufacturing procedure can be altered without affecting other operations.

The agile approach requires adaption, collaboration, and teamwork. It breaks down a task into smaller tasks, and it requires cross-function teamwork. An agile environment is a smart choice for manufacturing complex projects, projects that are always in need of change.

After all, to thrive and stay a business afloat should have the ability to respond to change in an effective manner. Agility in business means its ability to create value in the turbulent business environment. Applying agile manufacturing can help you minimize waste and maximize value. The agile methodology uses interconnected CPS (Cyber-Physical Systems). These systems are used to create responsive, context-sensitive, smart and decentralized factory environments.

Technology Enabled Process

The Five Trademarks of Industry 4.0 Revolution Ready Organization

To save cost and to enhance the overall production process, industry 4.0 introduces technology-enabled processes. Complete automation of manufacturing products is a priority in the near future. It means that the industry is now moving towards implementation of automated hardware and robotics. Improving business and implementing technology goes hand in hand. If you keep the processes the same but apply new technology, it will not solve your problem. It is only by embracing both that you can take advantage of technological products’ potential.

Industry 4.0 revolution supports interconnection between machines and people. It has enhanced the overall communication process within and outside the company. Technology enabled processes to bring in positive changes. Collecting and analyzing data has become efficient.

The current technology-enabled process incorporates machine learning. This allows the machines to learn from their experience and avoid future mistakes. Their experience will help them make better decisions in the future. Computer vision along with work-cell controls are also part of the process.

The industries are moving towards the idea of the smart factory. These factories have the ability to communicate and perform without human interaction. The entire infrastructure of smart factories is fully automated. These smart factories offer better, accurate and more reliable results.

Diverse & Empowered Talent

The modern digital age needs new, agile and accurate business methodologies. Digitalization has affected every business regardless of its size and nature. Yet, in every case, the effect is different, and the companies need to understand how it will affect them.

Leaders that have the ability to influence their stakeholders and followers are needed. The new revolution is not about upgrading machines and replacing people. Rather, it is about people working side by side with machines to generate effective and efficient outcomes. Ranges of technologies are going to evolve, and they will collaborate with the biological, digital and physical worlds. This combination is going to have a great impact on all industries.

The future shift will ensure that workers working in the field, on the road, and on the front line are able to take a smarter decision. They will be able to resolve tougher problems and work to their full potentials. The technology will help them do their jobs in a more productive manner. It seems that the 4.0 is going to combine the power of people with the power of data across global industries. The combination will prevent several costs and help generate greater profit. The new technologically advanced system makes it possible for you to create a good maintenance plan for your equipment. This saves the cost of operational disruption and unplanned failures.

Strategically Dynamic

Industry 4.0 revolutions focus on the idea of having dynamic strategies. These strategies are robust, and they are open to change. A business should ensure that their future strategies are able to embrace the change.  This allows the networks and computer to monitor the physical process of manufacturing. The combination of human and computers makes it possible to come up with more defined business strategies.

For example - the integration of actuator and sensors make it possible to predict a problem before it takes place. This saves your business the proactive cost. Every decision is taken in order to improve the performance of the company. Strategies are effective that have the ability to change with time.

You need several components to come up with effective dynamic strategies. These components explain how the factors tend to change with time and their impact your business. For instance, you need to do a thorough situation analysis; you need to set your goals and then set objectives. Allocation of resources, assigning responsibilities, implementation of programs, establishing a chain of command and more needs to be considered. All are critical requirements in coming up with an effective strategy.

Modern-day computers along with humans are able to come up with strategies that offer agility and flexibility. These strategies will set the future course of action for your business. They look promising, and they will generate promising outcomes.

The Five Trademarks of Industry 4.0 Revolution Ready Organization

Efficient Resource Management

For any business to become successful, it needs to have a good and reliable resource management plan. Identifying a problem at an earlier stage is always cost-effective in comparison to identifying it at the later stages.

Industry 4.0 revolution combines technology and humans and offers efficient resource management. There is software available such as Field Eagle that will aid humans in field inspection. You can get data in real-time, simply and easily. The software will aid you in making the right decisions. It will help address maintenance schedules and improve automation.

Managing data has also become easier and more efficient. You can save data in different forms and transfer it in real-time to your personal private servers. The accuracy of data remains intact along with its privacy. The encrypted servers ensure that unauthorized person can have access to your personal data.

The software helps you generative effective preventative plans. You would be able to identify your threats and take advantage of the opportunities presented your way. Efficient resource management also cut downs unnecessary costs.


The new age of business technology has come, and there is no denying this fact. Digitization is going to have an impact on all and every kind of business. We have seen in the past that the business that resisted change did not stay relevant for a long period. However, businesses that embraced change were successful.

It is time to embrace change again. The fourth industry revolution is here now. According to Harvard University Professor of Mathematics, Martin Nowak, the only thing that will redeem humankind is cooperation. The ability to take collective responsibility for change that is going to take place and the ability to work together in order to raise awareness is the only way to a brighter future. We can embark on the limitation on our political, social and economic system and take advantage of the new technologies. However, it is important to remember that the change is still taking place. The ideas and concepts suggested will require some time to mature. It is not possible to automate the entire industry or the entire system in just one day. It will require commitment to iteration, commitment to learning, ingenuity, and patience.

These complex ecosystems offer numerous benefits, but they have their demerits as well. The revolution is going to change the way the products are manufactured. A company needs to understand the risk present and the opportunities that will come their way. The business also needs to analyze the budget, time and energy that they would have to spend on these forward-thinking programs.

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