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  • Published: 11/23/2017 10:14:56 AM
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How to Stay On Top of New Technologies

Technology has evolved at such a fast paced rate in recent years and it can be weird to think that we carry pieces of metal and glass in our pocket that can provide instantaneous connection with anyone around the world, and also is a source of almost limitless knowledge. A lot of this comes with the help of apps, especially common ones such as Safari, Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook and more. The smartphone has definitely made aspects of our lives easier, but there are also things that you might have never thought to use your phone for. Here are a list of five apps that you didn’t know could help you with certain things.

Receipt Hogs

Our lives are full of receipts, whether it’s from purchasing something from the gas station, the coffee shop or the grocery store. With every purchase we make, we get a receipt that gets shoved into a bag or a back pocket. Having all of those receipts are highly wasteful, unless the consumer plans on returning something. Receipt Hogs will actually help you make money off of those receipts. Use the app to snap a photo of your receipt to get coins that can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards or cash through PayPal. You can also take paid surveys and earn free shopping trips with Receipt Hogs!


A lot of various photo apps are Instagram, Snapchat and more. But they are actually pretty limited when it comes to photos. They don’t help with marketing or selling your photos. That can change with Foap, a photography app that allows photographers to post an unlimited number of photographs, where the licenses can be purchased by brands and agencies to use. These photos are inexpensive but they can generate a good amount of revenue for photographers, depending on the amount of photos they post. With each photo, the license is ten dollars with the money being split between the picture taker and the employees at Foap.


This app provides a completely free, community-made piece of software where its purpose is to help the user learn language. It is well designed and user friendly, and is also effective in teaching the user. For now, the languages available on the app is Spanish, French, English, German, Irish, Swedish and more! The list of languages is continually growing.


This app is useful especially if you are an avid user of the GPS device on your phone. This is useful, but can be dangerous especially when driving. If there is no mount for your GPS, then there is a higher chance that you will be taking your eye off the road to look at your phone. With Hudway, you can prevent this by putting your phone underneath your windshield, and the app will project an image onto the glass, creating a virtual hologram on your windshield. This image will give all the information you would receive from other GPS apps as well as a voice assistant.


Now, with the hectic lifestyle of everyday events, it can sometimes be difficult to find a place to rest or a quiet spot to do some group work. Nowadays, coffee shops are too crowded and offices are too cluttered. Breather comes in handy as a peer to peer tool that allows the user to rent a room for a short period or to list spaces where others can rent. This can save time and stress about finding a place to get any work done.

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