What is IoT and How Does it Affect Your Business

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  • Published: 5/28/2019 4:18:46 PM
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Internet of Things

Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web in 1990, but the modern internet was born January 1, 1983. Since then, the internet has evolved many times. A new concept that is gradually gaining popularity is IoT.

IoT, the internet of things, affects how you live and how you work. IoT involves many complex factors, but what exactly does it mean?

The Definition

IoT, the internet of things, is the LinkedIn of all things networking and technology. This basically means that it’s a way of letting machines talk to each other over the internet when certain conditions are met.

The bottom line is all things and electronics are connecting. The devices that are part of IoT include washing machines, cell phones, lamps and more. By the year 2020, an estimated 25 billion devices, are going to be connected to each other.

How Does It Impact Your Business?

IoT will have an impact on the business world and everyone’s life. For businesses, IoT will affect data sharing and perception. It will also affect inventory tracking and management. Skilled workers and productivity and efficiency will also be factors.

With expert software developers, bridging the gap between business requirements and technology is much easier.

Data Sharing and Perception

IoT changes the way businesses collect data. This is a good thing. With the help of the internet of things, businesses have more access to the data of consumers.

With this information, they can track and record patterns. These patterns include ones between devices and consumers. These information patterns allow devices to give people a better user experience. The new perception businesses have of the data means they grow at a more rapid rate than before.

Inventory tracking and management

Inventory tracking and management is messy for many businesses. If your business relies on warehouse and storage solutions, IoT is here to help. IoT helps with many storage and warehouse problems by providing automatic control options.

You will be able to download software to your equipment in warehouses and storage units. This innovative software and devices track and manage changes. This information helps workers focus their time and attention on other important matters.

Remote Work

If your business doesn’t have physical inventory to account for, IoT can help here too. Remote work helps boost your business. Happy workers mean an increase in productivity.

Efficiency and productivity

Your business needs productivity and efficiency for business success. IoT can help improve both efficiency and productivity on a massive scale. With IoT, you can connect devices and control them remotely to help with efficiency. More work gets completed in less time. Workers can complete large-scale projects without errors.

Best IoT Development Platforms

Managing connected devices using multi-layer technology is at the heart of any good IoT platform. In simpler terms, it’s a service that you can use to bring physical devices to the public, via the internet.

You may use some of these devices on a daily basis, including smartwatches and smart home systems. The key consideration when talking about IoT platforms is to think of them as the medium for communication.

Some of the most popular IoT platforms are:

IBM Watson

IBM Watson offers AI, analytics and domain expertise.

With IBM Watson, you can investigate data for your devices and machines. Gathering this type of data helps you better understand what you need. This data helps you make better, educated decisions.

Other features IBM Watson offers include real-time data, security, and flexible solutions.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud offers machine learning capabilities for all IoT needs. Google Cloud also offers real-time business insights and helps improve operational efficiency. This company also offers predictive maintenance data for your equipment.


Particle acts as your one-stop-shop for all things IoT. They provide solutions for connectivity, apps, hardware, and device cloud.

One of the perks of using Particle is its interface. You don’t have to be a computer or tech savvy to use it. Particle works with a variety of data platforms. It also provides a firewall-protected cloud.

Cell Phone


When it comes to Mobile and IoT, a key consideration is the mobile operators. With dedicated cell towers being made available for IoT applications, mobile operators are at the forefront of technological change. This helps mobile operators provide better service. Over 30 mobile operators in over 30 countries are adapting to mobile IoT.


Desktop computers are not being left behind with the advent of IoT. Instead, IoT gives PCs a new look on life by providing a series of upgrades. There are many enhancing IoT applications available for your PC. These operating system updates include safety, security, energy conservation, and analytics.

New Devices

Many corporations are preparing new devices for the integration of IoT. A few newcomers to IoT include:

Footbot Air Quality Monitor

Using your smartphone, you can track the quality of air in your home. This device is also available for your business. You can measure CO2 levels, humidity, and temperature. The Footbot air quality monitor is a tiny device that helps you manage and maintain your quality of air.

Amazon Ring

The Amazon Ring is a home security system that offers a base station and satellite devices. Other Amazon Ring security devices can connect to each other using cellular data. In addition, they can also connect through Wi-Fi, and ethernet. The Amazon Ring comes with a keypad that allows you to arm and disarm the security system.

Rachio 3 Smart Water System

The Rachio 3 water system learns what’s best for your lawn, garden, and crops. The Rachio 3 Smart Water System has an automatic feature that shuts itself off to save water. It is also integrated with an app for your smartphone. This app allows you to customize water schedules and track the amount of water you use.

The Future of IoT

There are many predictions about the internet of things. By the year 2025, there will be over 20 billion IoT devices.

With the evolution of the internet of things, more cities will become “smart”, which will save time and money. Ensure that your company is poised to take advantage of this new era.

Artificial intelligence is going to continue to be one of the biggest innovations of the century. The integration of the IoT with more devices will enhance AI. Routers will be more secure and “smart”, which makes them less vulnerable to attacks. The 5G network will continue to grow and improve.

The internet of things will change the way people live and work radically. Companies can improve their products and make them better for people who use them. IoT is here to stay.

Internet of Things


At Konverge, we have skilled staff that are conversant with the latest technologies. Our team of designers and engineers can help you utilize IoT in the best way possible.

We create custom software solutions and know how to implement IoT to make your company more efficient and profitable. We help you bridge the gap between business and technology. At Konverge, we understand how technology works and how it can work for you.

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