What is SharePoint 2013?

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  • Published: 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM
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Have you ever had problems trying to explain SharePoint to a person who doesn’t know anything about it?

You may talk about a tool to share information or documents, but maybe you are still getting that blank face back.

There are tons of wonderful tools out there online that will help you explain the basic concepts of SharePoint. Today I want to share with you an “oldie but goodie”; one of my favorites. Sometime ago, Microsoft put out an “Adoption Kit” for SharePoint that you could use on your office to hold a “Lunch and Learn” meeting. This kit is still around, and it is still great.

You can download your copy at:

You will need to be patient, this is a 750 MB file so the download will be long, but the information is worth waiting. Once you get the kit, look at the 10 webisodes. These are (most of the time) funny and explain a common business problem and the way SharePoint can help solve it. Some of the issues addressed include:

• Locating employees in large companies, 
• Collaborating in office documents at the same time,
• Using meeting workspaces, 
• Blogs, Wikis and other tools for sharing knowledge and information, 
• Using lists to assign critical resources on the company, 
• Keeping up with your team’s calendars,  Project updates and tasks and 
• Automated workflows in your documents and processes

You can also look at the “Show me how” videos. These provide a more detailed technical description on the SharePoint solution. 

I think you will be happily surprised at how easily complex concepts are explained. So, after these webisodes, everybody should "get" SharePoint. And Microsoft, if you are listening, where and when do we get this Adoption Kit for SharePoint 2013? 

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