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Business Analysis Services for Custom Software

Konverge’s custom software development recognizes areas in which alternative solutions can add value. In today’s competitive landscape, Konverge streamlines processes, enhances communication, and assures added business security through its business analysis service.

Konverge’s business analysis service is a function that determines the current needs of your organization. It also helps characterize and validate processes that meet the goals and objectives of your business.

Our Business Analysis Services

Konverge's Business Analysis Service offers these key things:

  • Requirements interpretation of the project before designing a solution.
  • A collaborative approach with IT departments to review solutions documents and perform testing. This is to ensure that requirements are clear and that they meet the existing demands of your business.
  • A bridge between businesses and their IT departments. Initially, our business analysts discover the primary objectives of the business and define the scope to ensure that it makes sense for your organization to invest in the project.
  • Formulation of a business analysis plan to provide you with a clear idea of the process that will be used to effectively characterize the detailed requirements of the project. This is our way of ensuring that business leaders understand how their data can affect their services and processes.
  • Comprehensive requirements that will provide your implementation with the necessary information to implement the solution. Our business analysts will also help your business implement and assess the value created by the solution to assure that original objectives have been fulfilled.

BA Requirements Planning & Management

Requirements Planning & Management

During this phase, our business analysts will define the documentation and assessment of requirements. This ensures that efficient methods are used in gathering information.

This is also the time where we see to it that those team roles are filled by the right personnel. Extensive responsibilities may require constant communication so that team members can understand the reporting structure of the requirements.

Also, our business analysts will define the work division strategy to ensure coordinated information flow between team members.

This is done by examining subject matter expertise, the complexity of tasks, previous stakeholder relationships, geography, areas of interest, limitation, and availability.

Furthermore, we also ensure that the knowledge transfer will meet the guidelines of the enterprise. This guarantees that the requirements and planning stages will have a positive impact on documentation and response mechanisms.

BA Requirements Communication

Requirements Communication

Konverge’s business analysis services also ensure fluid communication between all stakeholders. This helps identify business needs and provides crucial judgements on what constitutes an improvement.

In this phase, our business analysts develop a communication strategy that is based on the requirements that have been elicited.

Konverge Digital Solutions also manages requirements conflict and initiates a requirements presentation.

BA Requirements Gathering

Requirements Gathering

Our requirements gathering phase consists of a series of processes that include project definition, elicitation, analysis, documentation, traceability, and sign-off.

This helps connect the line between the business and technical requirements. It also guarantees that technical requirements are properly communicated to the stakeholders and the development team.

BA Solution Assessment & Validation

Solution Assessment & Validation

During this process, our team of business analysts will facilitate application-related tasks to address organizational agreements and ensure organizational readiness.

Among the tasks that will be performed include proposed solution assessment, requirements allocation, readiness assessment, solution validation, and solution performance evaluation.

Additionally, Konverge will determine which solution can provide sufficient business value to justify the implementation. This helps in minimizing implementation risk and ensuring the success of carrying out the solution accordingly.

Enterprise BA Analysis

Enterprise Analysis

Konverge’s enterprise analysis focuses on determining the needs of the business and developing initiatives that will meet those goals.

Our business analysts will examine all business initiatives for effectiveness and viability. This ensures that your business implements innovative solutions.

Moreover, it also ensures that all avenues are thoroughly assessed to guarantee that the best solution is proposed to the management for approval.

Konverge’s enterprise analysis will contain a detailed description of the capability gaps, scope, and proposed solution.

Similar to other sets of requirements, the involvement, communication, and agreement of stakeholders are all important in the business implementation process.

We're Not Just Another Custom Software Developer

Konverge Director, Sonia Couto, talks about who Konverge is and the passion we bring to our clients' projects.

Our Business Analysis Process

Konverge’s business analysis process begins by understanding the threats and opportunities to a business. It enables us to develop a customized solution that will help management in future planning and decision making. This also ensures that all stakeholders have a unified vision.

language Competitor & Market Analysis
Konverge business analysts conduct market and competitor analysis to shape the strategies of the company. These insights identify any shortcomings and strengths within your business domain. Knowing where you stand in the market helps provide details to streamline your processes and reveals the objectives of your competitors.

flag Gathering, Analyzing, and Documenting Requirements
Konverge gathers, analyzes, and organizes the business requirements into a formal and written document that can be distributed to all stakeholders. The document also highlights the final results of the analysis to ensure effective execution and the project’s success.

my_location Identifying the Best Solution and Features Needed
Konverge identifies the solutions and features needed to initiate the project. This ensures that we have the proper details needed for implementation, ensuring that the project’s aims are met.< /br> During this phase, the Konverge team and the shareholders will design and sign off on the best solution for the project. We approach this stage in iterations. Our analysts will prepare user stories and use cases that are naturally suited to the business.

explore Understanding Your Business
Our team of experienced analysts will build simple prototypes and perform analysis during the process. This ensures that we acquire sufficient knowledge of the business and its requirements.

category Defining the Scope and Objectives of the Project
Our scope management process will not only plan and monitor project changes but also perform audits to ensure that the project outcome reflects the original plan.
Konverge also establishes a project timeline, sets goals, and allocates project resources. This allows us to effectively assign tasks and guide our team effectively to deliver the project on budget and on time.

supervised_user_circle Communications Requirements
In the communications phase, our business analysts work together with developers to translate requirements into something that stakeholders can understand. Also, this assures that the requirements are compatible with the overall vision of the project.
Initially, Konverge Digital Solutions determines the needs of the stakeholders. This is primarily done through interviews or handing out questionnaires. The answers gathered will be used to create roles and responsibilities for every stakeholder involved.

build Implementation & Testing Solutions
Konverge tests the project's effectiveness to ensure that it meets all the specified requirements. The outcome of the tests will determine whether the software is ready for launch.
Our business analysts will initially prepare test cases for specific requirements that need to be verified. If test cases fail to perform properly, Konverge Digital Solutions will immediately define the defects to initiate proper adjustments.

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