Konverge’s Collaborative Software Development Process

Konverge Digital Solutions Software Development Process

We believe that software development and delivery should be centralized on the customer's needs. Before starting the software development process, we go through a detailed user requirement and project architecture discovery process. Each step and requirement is thoroughly analyzed. The best possible solution is discussed and documented with full disclosure to the client. 100% transparency at each step is our priority. We regularly update and involve our clients in the software development process. We want to collaborate with you to identify the best solution for your unique application. The outcome is an easy-to-use application solution that boosts your productivity and the company’s profitability.

From custom software to mobile/web apps and even UX/UI design, Konverge is a leading expert with over 29 years of experience in the technology sphere.

Our Approach

1. Requirementsmore_vert

Our development process focuses on understanding what your business needs and how Konverge can solve your problem with custom software.


In this stage, our business analysts sit down with our clients to determine their business requirements.

All functional and technical specs are prepared and assessed to ensure the success of every goal and that we are the right partners for them. This involves an in-depth analysis of the project to guarantee its completion.

2. Analysis and Designmore_vert

During this stage, the Konverge team and the client work together to understand the needs of the project.

Analysis and Designclose

The scope of the development is determined, customer insights and the latest trends are acquired, and necessary features are identified.

Based on the evaluation and goals of your business, Konverge will work with you to determine your project’s framework. An estimated budget is prepared by the project manager, followed by a proposal, and a statement of work (SoW) that the client needs to review and approve. Our business analysts prepare a software requirements document that covers the essential aspects of your software, from external interfaces to algorithms.

3. Developmentmore_vert

The Konverge team first develops a software prototype. It simulates a few elements of the final custom software product.


We work with our clients to ensure that the basic requirements are identified, the user interface is optimal, and that the end-users provide valuable feedback on potential upgrades or adjustments.

In the next stage of the development process, the software design is finalized, and the code and database are applied. Konverge aims to bring your vision to fruition. Agile software development allows our development team and project managers to welcome change requirements, increased team collaboration and productivity, and achieve client satisfaction and fast product delivery.

4. Quality Assurancemore_vert

Konverge’s software prototypes are built purely for testing.

Quality Assuranceclose

Our quality assurance analysts identify test requirements and report potential issues to ensure that the project has a favorable outcome. They certify that project executions comply with corporate and industry standards and establish quality management methodologies and processes. Constant communication between clients and the development team is crucial to the development process. It secures the success of every sprint in every project.

5. Deploymentmore_vert

The agile mindset allows Konverge to release the software/app in iterations called sprints.


As your software is being developed, necessary changes are applied to ensure a progressive outcome for the entire project.

The majority of software development companies deliver what’s required of them, but do not go beyond the deployment stage. Konverge recognizes the importance of proper implementation when it comes to custom software and we’re here to support you even after your software’s release.

6. Support and Maintenancemore_vert

Your new custom software is unlike any other software on the market.

Support and Maintenanceclose

A Konverge plan includes support and maintenance from our team of experts. This is the final stage of our development approach. We want to ensure that your software meets your business goals and requirements.

We also understand that a custom application needs to be properly maintained and new functionalities need to be added to elevate the software. Our business analysts provide product support, product implementation and training for all of our clients. This is an added value that Konverge offers.

Our Sales Process

group Meeting
This involves a detailed call or a face to face meeting with the client. In this stage, our team requests for more information on the client's current process. This meeting will involve the client, the Konverge team; which includes a business analyst. The functionalities of the custom software the client desires are evaluated, documented and analyzed. We may follow up after this meeting with further questions.

speaker_notes Technical Estimate
Once the business requirement outline document is complete, it will be analyzed by the Konverge technical team that breaks down the functionality and provides a timeline of how long it will take to build each piece of functionality. This is a technical estimate.

article Estimate review
The Konverge team will meet with the client to review the estimate together. This allows us an opportunity to review functionality and gives the client the much needed time to ask for any changes. If the estimate is not within the client's budget, this is an opportunity to discuss and determine what changes can be made to reduce scope and cost, if necessary. The estimate will be updated accordingly.

assignment_turned_in Qualification
An initial call is made where we discuss the client's software needs and analyze our ability to build what the client requests. We will also introduce the Konverge process to developing software applications and outline our strengths that are specific to the client's needs.

edit Documentation
Our business analyst will put together a high-level business requirement outline explaining in detail the client's requirements. The system is broken down and any documents the client shares will be attached. Konverge will share this document with the client for review and feedback.

assignment Full Estimate
Once the technical estimate is complete, a team member will finalize the estimate by entering all non-technical components to the document. The final estimate will include a full specification of the application, Konverge's experience and ability to complete the project, resources, and a break down of each task, including time and cost. Once complete, this estimate will be sent to the client for review.

border_color Statement of Work
Once the client agrees to the estimate, Konverge will provide a statement of work contract, which includes the full estimate, cost break down, payment schedule, and a signature page. Once signed, Konverge can begin the kick-off phase of the project.

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