Custom Software Case Studies

Case Studies

Custom Software Sandvik

Sandvik Mining: Europe

Sandvik Mining Systems in Europe needed a way to standardize and organize their inspection and audit data for the Bulk Material Handling Machines and large mining equipment. Read about how Konverge's Field Eagle mobile inspection solution helped Sandvik's operations.

Custom Software Sandvik

Sandvik Mining: Australia

Within the mining industry, machines are very valuable and it is important they stays in pristine and working condition. Read how Konverge's Field Eagle solution helped Sandvik Mining Systems in Australia keep their machine assets up and running.

CSA Case Study - Konverge

CSA Group

Learn about how we helped the CSA Group improve customer service and the management of publications with a custom e-reader operating on web, tablets, and smart phones.

Custom Software NHC

Nunavut Housing Corporation

NHC chose Konverge to design, architect and build an inspection software solution that runs on the Microsoft Windows-based Motion F5v Tablet PC by Xplore.

Custom Software CentreCorp


Konverge provided CentreCorp with a tablet-based viewer that shows relevant information and images of selected properties and the surrounding area.

Web Application Design - PatientSERV


The PatientServ Uninsured Billing Suite is a comprehensive, easy to use, and cost-effective solution for doctors to have a single transaction system for all their uninsured billing.

Business Intelligence - TNG

The News Group

Working with TNG, Konverge designed and developed an innovative Real-Time software and hardware solution that gives TNG the most effective checkout assortment in the industry.

Heenan Blaikie Case Study - Konverge

Heenan Blaikie

Learn about how Konverge helped Heenan Blaikie's marketing department maximize their SharePoint investment with our SharePoint Assessment.

Web Application Design - Bosch


This Case Study reveals how Konverge redesigned Bosch’s RFQ workflow and how the software solution reduced the quotation response time from 30 days to only 6 days. 

Custom Software - Getronics


Getronics specializes in Information and Communications Technology. This Case Study reveals how Konverge’s Software Solution enabled Getronics to reduce its call centre staff by 50%.

Web Application Design - Armstrong


This Case Study demonstrates how our custom software solution, according to Charles Armstrong, the company president, directly contributed to the company winning 35% more custom business.

Web Application Design - HMV


This Case Study reveals how Konverge built HMV's Performance Appraisal Review system and as a result eliminated paper work associated with employee performance reviews.

Web Application Design - Green Pastures Society

Green Pastures Society Network

This Case Study talks about Konverge's technology solution that helped automate and reduce the time spent on Green Pastures Society Network's screening process.

MenuSano Nutrition Analysis Software


This Case Study talks about Konverge's software solution that created an award winning, online nutrition analysis software that allows users to obtain calorie and nutrition information on the spot.

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