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Find your Leverage

When off-the-shelf is off-the-table, a well built custom solution is needed. When executed well, a custom solution can help you reach your business objectives and even see a return on investment many times over.

However, software projects can be complex, and have the potential to go over time, over budget, and out of scope. The key to custom software success is starting the project on the right foot with the help of an experienced team of business analysts, software designers, and developers.

At Konverge, we've been making custom software for over 27 years, and we know how to ensure a project is on track every step of the way. One of our most valued team members is our Business Analysts. Their role is to listen to our customers’ business goals and software ideas in order to create the proper documents that translate those goals and ideas into a successful software product.

Business Analyst Service Packages

The first step in building excellent custom software that doesn't go over budget is getting a Business Analyst to make a full analysis of your software project, and creating the documentation needed for a successful software project. This document is often referred to as a System Requirement Specification document, or simply, an “SRS”.


Before investing tens of thousands of dollars with a custom software vendor, our Business Analysts will work with you to document your business objectives and software specification requirements. With packages starting at $5,000, this initial smaller investment will allow for more accurate estimates to better evaluate multiple software vendors.

What a Business Analyst can do for You

Business Analysis Step 1

Step 1: Discovery Meeting

Perhaps the most important step to take, is the first one. Especially so with a Business Analyst.

When building software, there processes in place, technologies that have to be considered, not just for today, but for tomorrow's networks and devices. Does your software need logins? Does it need payment processing? Scheduling or Email capabilities?

A Business Analyst's first job is to sit with you and your team to do a Discovery Meeting. They will listen to your requirements, and make suggestions based on what you need. Their job is to make sure that not only are you satisfied with your eventual end result, but that every "i" has been dotted and "t" has been crossed in the journey towards it.

Business Analysis Step 2

Step 2: Document Drafts

Contractors have a saying; "Measure twice and cut once." - Meaning, of course, that taking extra steps to make sure your measurements are correct before doing any work will lead to fewer mistakes, and less wasted materials that lead to lower profit margins. The same can apply to software development. And that's what Step 2 is all about.

Our Business Analysts will create a document that includes the scope, goals, and the functionality needed to create your new software.

It goes into depth into the technologies and the technical concepts behind the software project, so that any developer with a copy of the project can understand it, and potentially build it.

It is also your opportunity to review the project, and provide further guidance. Perhaps meeting with your team yielded some new functionality, or you realized that some aspects are simply not necessary. It is at this point that communication is it's highest, and we work with you to make sure that you're satisfied.

Business Analysis Step 3

Step 3: Document Delivery

The end result of the previous steps is a document called an SRS - Software Requirement Specification document. It is a "master plan" to your software project that describes the functionality, architecture, and technical requirements of the software.

It also talks about dependencies, constraints, and needs of the business. It breaks the software project into manageable parts and serves as a reference to test against.

This document's true value is demonstrated when shopping for software developers. It can be used to give you an accurate bid in terms of cost and timeline. As well as a way to vet software developers early on: If they're confused about one of the technologies outlined, then it's best to look elsewhere.


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