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For over 29 years, clients have been coming to Konverge to build market-winning software products. We are experts in what we do.

As a custom software development company in Toronto with a long history of success, we have vast experience developing exceptional products. It is our absolute pleasure to share the lessons we have learned along the way with our clients.

We’ve built hundreds of custom software products, including our award-winning SaaS solutions: MenuSano and Field Eagle. The Konverge approach to custom software development services is customer-centric and completely transparent, focused on finding the best solutions at every stage of the development process. From the very beginning of the project and even after its completion, we ensure that your experience with us is a positive one.

We are well versed in product development and our team will assist you throughout your product’s development cycle. We will ensure your product’s success from ideation to market, and even beyond. Here at Konverge, we bring innovative ideas to life. This is what we do and we do it well.

Scaling Up Your Product Team

Scaling up your Product team Image

Having the right resources and team is imperative to business success, just as it is for your product development process, which is why Konverge is your ideal technology partner.

Scaling up your team is a superb way of taking your development process to the next level. We understand that in-house teams face various challenges and we plan to assist you throughout the product development lifecycle. Our job is to equip our clients with the right tools and support to align their business objectives with high-quality products.

Though in-house teams have firsthand knowledge of your business operations and goals, outsourced teams of software developers are fully equipped with a range of expertise. They can pivot through a variety of custom software and mobile app development projects.

Our dedicated team of developers, business analysts, project managers, and quality assurance analysts have decades of experience under their belts. We can satisfy any market and meet your business requirements and strategies. With the support of a top software development company, your costs will be much lower and your custom software solution will be quicker to market.

Leveraging Agile Methodologies

Leveraging Agile Software Product Development

Konverge understands the agile mindset. This approach allows us to produce successive iterations of your product until its final delivery. We want to ensure that our solution meets your business objectives by addressing the work that’s been completed, roadblocks, and future tasks.

Feedback is usually solicited, and it helps drive and refine the development process and your product releases. Daily meetings and discussions between your development team and project manager help determine any issues well in advance. Agile methods can deliver a high-quality product in the least possible amount of time, accelerating the time table for audits and release.

Software versioning allows us to uniquely identify the product that’s been delivered. It can also be viewed as a communication tool between end-users and your company. It defines the specific revisions of your software throughout its lifecycle and it manages the changes, configurations, and builds of an application.

The Konverge team is experienced in delivering consistent versioning throughout various parts of the product development lifecycle. We are proficient in this business process and can support you throughout every revision and build release.

Custom Software Product Development Services

Product Conceptualization

Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept

The Konverge team will create a proof of concept (POC) to demonstrate that your idea is viable. We will produce several POCs to test the functionality of various parts of your system. This is to ensure that they can be unified to meet the requirements of your entire product. Your custom software development process only moves forward when this technical exercise is able to demonstrate that the idea can be executed and developed properly.

UI Design

UI Prototyping Services

Before developing the full-blown product, it’s beneficial for your business to always build a UI prototype. This will help you obtain your first user. Prototyping gives the Konverge team a potential foundation to continue building the system. We translate requirements into clear-cut user-friendly interfaces to fit your business needs. Our high-end prototyping services include mockups of your product’s UI. This saves our clients and the development team energy and cost before launch. With testing, primary features are validated and refined. UI prototyping helps improve the quality of the specifications and requirements that your business provides to your end-users. It’s a great step towards leveraging client feedback.

Product Design & Engineering

Requirements Specification

Requirements Specification

Konverge’s development process puts focus on solving your business needs with technology. Our business analysts spend quality time with our clients to ascertain the requirements of their business. They prepare and evaluate all of the functional and technical specifications of your software. Konverge’s goal is to solve your problem with a superb, developed product. We demonstrate why we are the right partners for you through transparency and an in-depth analysis of your entire project.

Architecture & Design

Architecture & Design

The Konverge team collaborates with clients to better understand their needs. Customer insights are gathered and the scope of the project is then determined. This also results in the fundamental features being identified. Konverge creates your product’s architecture, which is based on the evaluation and aims of your business.

QA planning

QA planning

A quality assurance plan’s purpose is to ensure that your product’s quality meets the needs of your customers and complies with industry standards. It keeps the product development process in check by minimizing errors and promoting areas of improvement. QA planning addresses the product’s performance and maintenance. It also defines clear quality objectives, tasks and processes concerning the product.

Product Maintenance

custom software product development - Maintenance

Our services go beyond the warranty. We provide ongoing support and bug fixes to all our clients. We understand the importance of proper maintenance and why this is the final stage of the development process.

Our team of experts will help you manage your maintenance plan through bug fixes, implementation of enhancements, and troubleshooting. Your user bases' loyalty is essential to your product’s success. Our services include supporting your product’s migration to keep your customers satisfied. As an added value, our team can also help you upgrade or retire your previous product lines.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP Development)

Developing a Simplified Viable Product - MVP Development

Create a simplified version of your products to understand its real value on the market. This technique allows developers to deploy the product with just enough core features to early adopters. Possible customers provide feedback loops that guide the development of the final product. This cost-effective strategy avoids building unwanted products and ensures that the information provided by the customer is properly utilized. It helps meet our client’s business requirements and maximizes the product’s ROI. The final set of features is only designed and developed after feedback is considered.

Building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) also allows for lower cost testing of product/market fit, with constant feedback that can help shape software and services going forward. MVPs are also one of the better ways that startups can enter the marketplace, maximizing investment dollars and providing faster returns for those same investors. In addition, startups who opt to build and launch MVPs have greater clarity for their upcoming roadmaps, being able to plan and prioritize features for greater customer satisfaction.

Learn more about the benefits of developing an MVP and working with an MVP Development Company.

We're Not Just Another Custom Software Developer

Konverge Director, Sonia Couto, talks about who Konverge is and the passion we bring to our clients' projects.

Product Development Process

codeBuilding the software product
In the next stage of the development process, the software design is finalized, and the code and database are applied. Konverge aims to bring your vision to fruition. Agile software development allows our development team and project managers to welcome change requirements, increased team collaboration and productivity, and achieve client satisfaction and fast product delivery.

cloud_upload Release
The agile mindset allows Konverge to release the software/app in iterations called sprints. As your software is being developed, necessary changes are applied to ensure a progressive outcome for the entire project.
The majority of software development companies deliver what’s required of them, but do not go beyond the deployment stage. Konverge recognizes the importance of proper implementation when it comes to custom software and we’re here to support you even after your software’s release.

explore Product Planning
The Konverge team first develops a software prototype. It simulates a few elements of the final custom software product. We work with our clients to ensure that the basic requirements are identified, the user interface is optimal, and that the end-users provide valuable feedback on potential upgrades or adjustments.

done_outline Quality Assurance Testing
The Konverge team overlooks the test planning, ensures project executions comply with corporate and industry standards, identifies test requirements, assigns test case scenarios and designs test coverage plans. We establish new corporate quality management methodologies (agile and waterfall), processes, standards and policies which result in better quality performance and reliability for Konverge’s products.

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