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The competitive landscape of the Real Estate Market is famously tough and fluctuating. On the whole, it's only companies that keep with the trends and changing customer tastes that stay ahead and in the game.

Software that keeps up and surpasses expectations in automation is what is going to make a difference for any company and its clients. Software quality and design set the tone for how a team can exceed expectations and by extension, how customers interact with a product.

Custom software can provide proper support to any real estate firm, enhance scalability to bolster independence and/or changes, and upgrades to business operations. In Real Estate, your company is not selling a house or a condo, you are selling the dream. The software is the first step in the relationship between corporation and client. Konverge will make sure it’s the best step and the right one you can take.

The Benefits of Real Estate Software

Real estate team processes such as lead management and open house scheduling are made easy and accessible with the right software. You need the best tools in the industry to get the most out of your employees and your clients and optimize your day-to-day operations.

Your team of agents, brokers, and service providers need top tools for collaboration and productivity to bring your company to the forefront of this competitive market.

Benefits for Custom Real Estate Software

Automation and Integrationmore_vert

Real Estate Agency software automates and optimizes business, marketing, and contact management activities and workflows for real estate sales and rental organizations.

Automation and Integrationclose

Integration of your platforms and seamless transitions in consolidating information are essential in preventing stagnation or loss of business.

Sell more effectively and automate business processes with custom software.

Custom API Developmentmore_vert

Nowadays it’s impossible not to have more than one program to help your team deal with marketing, community management, advertising, email lists and so much more. Consider the power of API.

Custom API Developmentclose

Technology has changed the real estate industry. In order to stay competitive, companies have taken advantage of the current trends and capabilities of custom software. By creating custom APIs, real estate firms can connect MLS databases and their current CRM to ensure that tasks are automated and listings and contacts remain up-to-date. Data is integral in the real estate industry. Custom APIs allow you to utilize this necessary information properly, which helps recreate your business models and strategies to elevate your existing products and services.

Konverge uses custom API development for desktop, mobile, and cloud, apps, WebSockets, Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA), firmware/middleware, browsers, databases, and operating systems, as a solution to leverage your current application’s data and functionalities.

Property Managementmore_vert

The most important part of your business is your product or service. Interface with existing systems and gain access to (and manage) property information 24/7. Automate tasks and stay in compliance.

Property Managementclose

Property management software solutions, multi-property management interfaces, cloud-based architectures, task automation tools, compliance modules are a lot to take on as a whole. It truly is, and for most companies, choosing the individual correct software to do it all is nearly impossible. This is where custom software really shines through. You get end-to-end property management systems all in one place.

Reports and Analysismore_vert

Create fillable forms by standardizing processes. An effective software allows the generation of daily, monthly, or annual reports in almost no time. Analysis is your time to review your success and spot opportunities as your company plans ahead.

Reports and Analysisclose

Reports are a way of standardizing and collecting valuable data for trends and changes in direction based on all your sales and marketing campaigns and projects.

Make sure that data is given the proper care and attention to detail it deserves, without taking up the majority of your team's time. With custom software, your data is managed seamlessly and can be easily accessed on your dashboard.

Custom Software’s Added Value to the Real Estate Industry

Value added for custom software in Real Estate

Here at Konverge, we believe that people come first and technology second. We’re an award-winning software solutions company with decades of experience in creating software for large and small companies.

Our custom software development teams specialize in both web & desktop development. Our mobile app development teams build high-performance Android, iOS, and Windows applications. We pride ourselves on building software that is beautiful and user-friendly and we are here to guide and work with you in developing the software you only imagined possible.

A Trusted Partner

Questions to think about when you look for a software partner you can trust:

  1. Are they a good fit for your unique needs and brand?
  2. Will they talk to you about how you want to scale, and plan ahead?
  3. Will they provide tech support on the platforms you know and trust?
  4. Will they prioritize your ease of use?
  5. How do they discuss and plan for costs and future features?
  6. Do you talk about your team’s future training, and what that will entail financially?
  7. How quickly a feasible project can get up and running?
  8. Will your current systems be easily integrated into the new software?

Talk to us! Often, companies are keen to start a project and underquote in order to start, hoping that additional costs will not be a problem. Konverge believes in transparency and our aim is to be the trusted partner that you deserve. We will answer and work with you to build a system that is within your budget, that will help elevate your company.

Trusted Software Development Partner

Real Estate Software Development Clients

Custom Real Estate Software Design - CentreCorp
Custom Real Estate Software Design - Land Diligence Inc
Custom Real Estate Software Design - Condolytics
Custom Real Estate Software Design - Clifton Blake

Read Our Case Study

For more information on the importance of custom software development in real estate, check out our case study with CentreCorp. This property management and real estate service company came to Konverge to help improve their current property viewing system.

Our case study reveals how Konverge helped CentreCorp create an application that automated their workflows and gave them full administrative powers. It also helped them connect with prospective clients by showing them relevant information and images of selected properties and the surrounding area.

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