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Konverge can help you expand into this market. We can assist you in showcasing your services to a wider, global audience by developing and publishing Android apps on the Google Play Store.

Android Development Services

android apps

Android Product Development

We know what it takes to create feature-rich and seamlessly performing Android apps. We can sit down with you and your team to develop an app with delightful and seamless user experience, giving it a competitive advantage.

From the research phase to publishing and distribution, we will assist you throughout the life cycle of your Android application.

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Native Android Mobile Development

We have the expertise, technologies, and experienced specialists to support native Android mobile development, which results in faster, more responsive, and better apps.

Native Android mobile apps have fewer dependencies, making them faster and responsive. We can make your games and graphics-intensive applications perform better. Moreover, mobile apps can look consistent with their platform, which leads to enhanced user experience. Native Android mobile apps also have immediate access to the latest Android features and comply better with Google Play Store guidelines.

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Android App Redesign

Does your company have an existing app that needs to be redesigned? We can work with you in giving the app a new look and a better user experience.

Android app redesign is not only about looks; it is also about enriching the user experience. We specialize in creating an impeccable user experience and interface design. We can help make your app fully responsive by ensuring that its layout gracefully responds to various screen sizes and orientations.

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Support and Maintenance

We can update your existing app through support and maintenance services. With our pool of experts, we can conduct app performance monitoring, usability review, crash monitoring, and renewal monitoring. We can also perform other related services such as app feedback monitoring, device update review, and third party integration update review.

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Cross-Platform Development

Cross-platform development pertains to the creation of mobile apps that can be deployed on multiple platforms. It can yield numerous benefits such as cost efficiency and wider market reach. Entities can save on the costs of employing multiple teams assigned to various versions of their apps. Instead of paying for multiple teams, just pay for the services of one. Publishing an app on multiple platforms also enables a firm to cast a wider net and boost the chances of getting a larger user base.

Our Process

view_quilt Wireframing
After planning comes wireframing, a visual guide that shows the basic structure of the app. Think of it as the skeleton of your app. It would let you see how the different functions of the app interact with each other and the possible issues that might crop out during the development process.

code Code
After the design phase, the coding phase commences. Here, we will build the app by wiring code using the selected programming language.

explore Planning
Every great app begins with a great idea. We can assist you in outlining the problems or issues that you want to address or solve with your app. We can also help you create a plan to give your idea some structure. We scout your competition and study the behavior patterns and goals of your target users. We can work out a strategy that can ensure the success of your app.

brush Design
Design is a multistep process with numerous review stages. Completion may depend on the project scope and app budget. This is a collaborative process where we can help bring your ideas to life.

cloud_upload Deployment
Since we utilize agile development methodologies, we can release work in iterations. You can make appropriate changes instead of waiting until the entire app has been developed.

Why Work with Us

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Custom Software

We have more than 27 years of experience in leveraging technology to meet the business objectives of our clients. We have experience in developing and rolling out software solutions for web and mobile applications.

Our Core Values


We are dedicated to the success of our customers. We are always working for you.


We strive to constantly innovate and look for unique and cutting-edge ways to help ensure the success of our partners. Our goal is to enable them to increase their productivity and profitability.


Our 25 years in the business would not have been possible without our ability to evolve and adapt to the changing times.

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The Best Android App Developers

Here at Konverge, our focus is on transparency and quality. We will work with you in designing and developing Android apps. Our customer-centric and collaborative approach allows us to understand your business objectives and audience. The end result is enabling you to achieve your business goals.

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React Native

We use this mobile application framework to develop apps for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. React native enables us to build a rich mobile UI with JavaScript and React. Your application can also be optimized and with native code if and when your business demands such a need. 

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This dev-friendly framework allows our development team to build cross-platform apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It puts focus on the UI interaction of an app, the front-end user experience. With just one codebase, you can write once and run your app on any device.

Mobile Development Resources

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