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Managing Multiple Projects
  • Friday, February 27, 2015 2:03 PM


At Konverge we are always busy. Projects are always on the go. Nothing would get done if we didn’t stay organized and up-to-date with our project planning and managing techniques. There are many di…

10 Commandments of a Successful Client-Provider Relationship
  • Wednesday, February 11, 2015 10:21 AM


At Konverge we stress the importance of building partnerships (not transactions) between our company and our clients, and this is an important concept to believe in for every B2B or Service-related…

Business Process Improvements with Field Eagle #FEPrevent
  • Friday, February 6, 2015 10:53 AM


A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about Business Process Improvements, what it entails and how to see/read the signs when improvements are necessary.  Like we mentioned in that blog, one important qu…

Is it time for Business Process Improvements?
  • Tuesday, January 27, 2015 11:34 AM


So it’s the start of another year and organizations are more motivated than ever to increase the profitability of their business.  Countless hours are spent on business plans, sales projections etc…

High Bandwidth Communication is Critical
  • Wednesday, January 21, 2015 11:40 AM


Remember in ‘the old days’, you would write a letter to a friend describing your recent trip: the experience, the exhilaration, how relaxed you felt? A few days later your friend would receive it, …

Top 3 Reasons Hiring a Local Custom Software Provider is a Good Idea
  • Tuesday, January 13, 2015 10:38 AM


In a time where everyone is looking to find the cheapest, quickest and easiest way to do something; getting vendors from overseas has been a real trend. However can you trust to receive what you ne…

MenuSano: Informing Diners on Nutritional Information
  • Wednesday, January 7, 2015 3:26 PM


At Konverge we saw the increasing threat of obesity, diseases and food concerns in today’s youth and developed MenuSano to help counter this trend.   MenuSano is a nutritional calculator, providing…


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