Amazing ways mobile apps have improved Consumer engagement

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  • Published: 5/14/2018 4:14:12 PM
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There are apps for everything; to track your health and exercise, to help you navigate cities and keep up to date with your friends. They help us in our day to day life, keep us entertained, and assist us with work. For businesses, having an app is an excellent way to connect with clients, and to some companies, an app is their business. So what are some ways that apps have changed our lives?

Goodbye Computer 

As phones and tablets have become more powerful, computers are fading in popularity. While there is currently still a significant place for traditional computers in the market, a majority of internet browsing is done on cell phones and tablets. This is partially due to the fact that they offer mobility but also because phones feature easy to use apps. Instead of navigating to a website to watch Netflix, for example, a mobile phone user would go through the Netflix app which has been designed for the single purpose of watching video on your phone. The more people who ditch computers for mobile phones, the larger market there is for apps which grow in complexity and functionality every day.

Media Consumption

The way that we play games and watch videos has completely changed thanks to apps. Video game apps have altered the way that we play video games - free-to-play style gaming is a standard on Google and Apple's app stores. Thanks to video streaming services, we now use our phones and tablets to watch content easily. Social media is also now majority accessed on phones, instead of over a traditional computer where you log into a website. Apps now dominate the way we consume all varieties of media.


Apps can record data if we permit them. This data collection has altered the way that we go about our lives. Navigation apps can crowdsource data from users to be able to give other users up to date information on road conditions. Our location data is used to provide us with tailor-made advertising across the many apps that we use. Apps have changed the way we interact with the world and have influence over us via targeted advertising that we have never experienced before in our lives.

Health and Wellness 

A considerable app market is health and wellness. In 2017, Google's app of the year was Calm, a mindfulness app to help users battle the rigours of everyday life and have better overall mental health and sleep. Mindfulness apps, diet and exercise apps, symptom tracking apps, and apps that help you track your habits (to make or break them) are changing our lives in significant ways. Without being available at all times on the apps, we download to our cell phones then we would not have access to the incredible number of health and wellness tools now at our fingertips.


At Konverge, we understand how essential a good app is to your business. Whether you have an idea for an app that you want to release, or you are a business wishing to connect with your clientele, having a custom app developed by our talented software development team will open you up to new horizons. Contact us today so that we can get your great idea off the ground.

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