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  • Published: 8/20/2021 11:53:16 AM
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Business Software Developer

The power of custom software development lies in being able to leverage existing technology to not only meet business objectives, but to push at the boundaries of what a company can do. Custom software development services resemble a factory, where your idea is taken, measured, planned, prototyped, tested, reworked, and finally created to perfectly meet your needs and vision.

The beauty of using a software development company is that the teams working on your project are equipped to deal with unforeseen circumstances and work closely with you to help avoid any issues, or help you visualize and notice problems or opportunities you may have not even known were there.

Meet more specific Requirements

Many businesses, especially those that have little experience with custom software development services, have a very specific view when it comes to software development companies; they imagine exorbitant bills on small projects, and often get caught in the trap of being scared to spend money they think could be utilized in smarter ways. This is how many brands unfortunately get stuck with off-the-shelf products that they don't know how to use, or don’t need.

Specific requirements rarely have a ready-to-use product that saves money, and often a better built software is still very expensive, rendering avoidance of custom software unnecessary. If you have a badly fitting suit that costs almost as much as a tailored one, it’s smarter to just spend the small extra amount to get exactly what you need.

For some general, basic needs, off-the-shelf software can work, but often, the second something shifts in the business needs, or holes appear, it no longer can do the job. This is when the real costs end up accruing.

Business Software Cost Savings

Lower Cost

When purchasing pre-made software, companies must take into consideration not just the cost, but also the cost of using and maintaining the software itself, which often ends up being several different pieces because just one can’t do the job. The result? Juggling multiples instead of one good piece of custom software costs money and time.

Much of the struggles noticed by buyers of off-the-shelf software is the time spent trying to maneuver around the disconnect between different pieces. The time, and therefore money, wasted on tasks one well-built software project could accomplish starts adding up almost immediately and deteriorates the older the software becomes. Thinking that far ahead is hard for companies who want immediate results and cheap solutions, but it’s worth mentioning that most end up having to work with a custom software company anyway; either to patch up problems or rebuild entirely.

Essential Guide to Custom Software

The Essential Guide to Custom Software

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What happens when the off-the-shelf code just isn't cutting it anymore? A brand has scaled, switched or expanded services, or the business needs more support. Companies still have to take the software they now own, and have someone build either on top of it, or build over the holes in the software, resulting in patchy, slow, often monolithic products that end up driving customers away, rather than in.

In the end, that’s where companies hemorrhage the most money, and often end up dropping the previous software and redoing it in custom code anyway. The costs of avoiding custom software development services end up being the most expensive mistake.

Business Software Feature Meeting

More control over features

You wouldn’t pay for extras you’re not going to eat at a restaurant, so why should you pay for features you don’t want or need in your software? Custom software development services are the answer to controlling and building out all of the features you need, and none of the ones that you don’t.

Software changes with times, business needs and client needs. As we’ve seen these past few years, being able to quickly pivot and shift is just as important as planning ahead. A great company will work with you and make adding on or alerting any needs along the way a breeze. With full control over the features, a business can make informed decisions that benefit their users and their organization.

Easy Tech Support

One of the most important parts of the custom software development process is what happens after your software has been built. Any support, changes or maintenance you require are taken care of by the company that built it or the in-house development team. EIther way, you’ll avoid the generic cues in line or on the phone to figure out any problems or glitches your company may encounter.

Over the phone support for over the counter software is mediocre at best, and may not have the solutions available that the company needs to succeed.

Work together with Software Development Professionals

One of the great advantages of having software built by a professional development company is that they have previous experience in building software for an array of brands, needs and companies. Software development professionals have the ability to foresee issues and glitches before they even happen, because they’ve dealt with similar problems in the past.

Your team of software developers will walk you through what you need, what may be problematic, and what you didn’t even know you needed included in your software. Whether your business deals with software or not, working with a professional development company will prove to be more cost effective in the long term.

Konverge has years of experience as a software development company, working with brands in all fields to ensure top quality custom software for any business needs. Fill out the form below to request a free consultation and see how Konverge can help you fulfill your Custom Software Needs.

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