Driving Efficiency: The Dual Benefits of Process Improvement

Driving Efficiency: The Dual Benefits of Process Improvement

It’s no secret that the availability and adoption of technology in our personal lives is growing exponentially.  Everything from remote access, to our home’s comfort and control settings, to tap and pay apps that reduce the time it takes to complete a transaction by fractions of a second.  Everything is done in the name of making things as efficient and easy to use as possible and because of this B2C companies are thriving. 

On the other hand, technology adoption rates in the B2B industry lag significantly when compared to their B2C counterparts.  The question remains why?  Is it not the goal for all organizations to operate as efficiently and cost effective as possible. 

It’s not from a lack of innovative products and automation solutions available but more as a result of an organizational culture.  The saying culture eats strategy has never held more truth then it does today in the age of technology. 

So what can an organization do to take advantage of available technologies and ensure high adoption rates within an organization?  It starts with an open mind and strong communication between upper management and the day-to-day users of the system/process.  Most organizations look at workflow automation and are overwhelmed by the perceived complexity of the solution.  If that’s where you currently find yourself just take a step back and think of your personal life and the automation solution that we all use in our day-to-day lives.  

Understanding pain points and identifying process improvements will not only improve your business in the long term but will lead to higher employee engagement and satisfaction. 

The benefits end up being two-fold – Increased operational efficiency and a more engaged productive workforce.  

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