Custom Software Development for Startups: 4 Tips to Save Costs

  • Author: The Konverge Team
  • Published: 8/16/2022 2:22:18 PM
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Agile Methodology

If you are a startup, the last thing you want is to spend your resources and time in unwise places. You should focus only on what will help you reach your targeted audience faster and more effectively. The sooner you get your product into the market, the quicker you can start generating revenue.

But often, startups find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to finding the right developers who can develop their software according to their needs at an economical price point.

Think wisely while outsourcing

Outsourcing your software development can be an excellent way to save money, but it's not a magic wand that will make your company run smoothly. Developers are expensive, and there is certainly no shortage of firms offering custom software development services at various levels of quality. The key is understanding what you need from outsourced developers and how best to get it on a budget.

To begin with: if you're unsure whether outsourcing would be worth it for your business, consider researching what types of custom software development projects other companies in similar industries have undertaken.

You also have to consider communication, and dissemination of information: As a founder of a startup, you're probably very close to the product, and want to be part of it's growth and development. Outsourcing development overseas means losing some control over your product and adhering to very strict guidelines.

Choose the right methodology - Agile vs Waterfall methodologies

  • Agile and Waterfall are two different software development methodologies.
  • Agile methodology involves smaller "sprints" where features are added, or bugs are fixed in "smaller amounts". This allows for projects to change direction quicker if needed, or to add or remove features as development shapes up. This may be a slower method of development as there are a lot of "stops" and the product has to be in a "testable" state after each sprint.
  • In Waterfall methodology, the project requirements are set, ideas are finalized, and development occurs. This can often be a faster way to develop, but it cannot change shape or direction without major setbacks.

Both methodologies have their pros and cons, and most development strategies are a blend of both. Agile tends to be the preferred methodology these days - with rapid shifting sensibilities and the pace of technology, the ability to shift and pivot, especially for a startup, is much preferred.

Agile Methodology

Allow developers to collaborate on project tasks

One of the most important things in software development is collaboration. Successful projects require that developers be able to communicate with each other and clients to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

In an Agile methodology, this is especially true because it relies on collaboration among all members of the development team: the client, business analyst(s), designer(s), developer(s), tester(s) and project manager. A failure to communicate effectively can derail a project before it even begins.

Agile methodologies also rely on communication between developers and clients and within teams themselves, so allow your developers plenty of opportunities for collaboration within their team by providing them workspace at desks or tables rather than cubicles or offices (this will also save money).

Choose the right development tools

Choosing the right development tools is important because it can affect your ability to deliver on time and within budget. You want to choose tools to help you get the job done efficiently while leaving room for flexibility if the circumstances change during development.

Choose the right tool for the job: Tools are always evolving, so there's no reason why you shouldn't constantly be looking at new products and checking them out against what you already have in place. If any features or functionality are missing from your existing tools, now is a good time to test some new ones before settling on a final decision.

Choose the right tools for your team: The wrong set of tools can make even the most talented developer unhappy about their work environment. This could lead them down where they start feeling frustrated with their job and eventually leave your company altogether—which isn't good news for anyone!

We know that building and scaling startups can be difficult, on top of the development issues you may encounter. Additionally, if your startup doesn't necessarily involve development, you may still need software to function.

Let Konverge do the hard work, contact us today and get a Free Consultation on how we can help with your Software Development goals.

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