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  • Published: 6/18/2021 12:13:15 PM
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Custom Software Development Computer Code

In the world of business and custom software development, a small, seemingly insignificant factor can be the propeller that gets you ahead of the competition.

It’s no surprise that the competition for attention, usability and good design has gotten steep as consumers are ever more demanding with their money and more scrupulous overall where it ends up. No matter how good your product, if your website is slow, and your software unmaneuverable, it won’t be noticed.

Quality software design is no longer a leg up; it’s often the bare minimum to get a business ready to face and surpass the competition. Whether it’s web or mobile application development, API development, or broken software that needs rescue, a secure future-focused business has their hand on the pulse at all times.

Ways to approach Software Development

Did you know that as of 2018, smartphones have taken over 63 percent of shares when it came to retail website visits? You may be surprised to find that people on average will give a website or app 2 seconds to load before they decide to move on. So what does a customer-focused approach to software development look like? Software is a product that transcends simply the building of an idea. At all times, software is a moving animal that requires iterations, maintaining, control and precision. The approach to simply building a piece of software is not enough for the businesses of today who wish to remain competitive.

A great software company will brainstorm and build out your idea together by using extensive expertise of many hired specialists to create technical and functional specifications. From creating the prototype of your design, a software company should begin the software building and customizations steps, bringing to life your vision with every iteration and edit until your specifications are met. The journey with you should not stop there, a good quality assurance team will work not just at the end of each project, but during building stages too, ensuring everything is done without flaw during development.

Because your products are custom, it’s going to be the only of its kind on the market. That means your business will need training and help in implementing each moving piece until you are comfortable with every aspect. Support and maintenance should always be available.

At Konverge, we understand that shifts and changes are a necessary part of any custom software development process, and we are dedicated to building out a long-standing relationship that lasts. When you need us, we’ll be there to help you.

Essential Guide to Custom Software

The Essential Guide to Custom Software

Learn about custom software, the costs involved, and the advantages for your business. Whether you have an app idea, or need software for your business.

Download Now

Software can fit many shapes

Successful software integration can have drastic effects on your business. A seasoned team of developers can work with a broad range of requirements. Software has many shapes and many applications, custom software development: API development, mobile application development, custom software rescue services, UX design, UI design, product envisioning and roadmapping support should be requirements you can confidently demand and be provided with.

In some cases, types of software can be created and combined to work together for successful business applications.

In web application development, a team will plan with you, wireframe, design, code and deploy your web or desktop software. High performance mobile software should be seamlessly created for Android, iOS and Window applications. Whether you’re looking for simple solutions to internal problems or a nuanced project needing many moving parts, its all within the scope of experience for a good software development company.

Have a bunch of applications and they don’t work together? Konverge offers API as a Service, specializing in API development and API integration.

Custom Software Development for Internal and External Teams

Software can be Internal or External

Custom software development is usually separated into two groups: external product, that is client-facing, and internal software, for company use. A great software development company will be able to guide their client in what features matter where, what order iterations and planning should be in, and what features to scrap and which to keep. So what’s the difference?

External software

Customer driven software projects are key to building rapport and connection with patrons. These are your classical apps, websites, and software that clients can purchase on, engage with your company, and try out your products and services. No matter what a company is selling, there is now an unspoken rule that software is built around the product to help a company sell it, communicate with people, and even gather information and feedback for further product development and iterations.

Internal software

Built to improve and streamline internal processes, speed up work and ease communication, internal software is not just a way to simplify and build speed. In many cases, for example reporting, internal software can protect against missed rules, saving you money in fines or lawsuits, among many perks of a robust internal software system.

The Advantages of Custom Software

The advantages of custom software development can be compared to tailored vs. off the rack clothing. For example, you can purchase a ready to go suit in your size, and it may fit ok. It may be too long or awkwardly shaped in some places, and it may make you trip over your feet, but it will get the job done most of the time, albeit not well. In contrast, a tailored suit is perfectly fitted to your proportions, your body and your movement. It will work with you and not against you; you’ll barely know it’s there. Eight out of ten times, you’ll still have to bring in your off the rack suit for adjustment to a tailor.

Software is the same. You have a team of professional custom software developers guiding your dream software from idea, to plan, through iterations and out into the world as the product it was meant to be, working smoothly, quickly, and for exactly you need it to do. There won’t be unnecessary pieces dragging around just because they came with the package, and you can always make additions. They’ll be done well, thoughtfully, and will work seamlessly with your software.

Konverge can help with your Custom Software Development

The Konverge team of experts specializes in Quality Assurance Analysis, Business Analysis, and Project Development. Custom software development has been a craft the team has been perfecting over decades.

Whether building on existing products and services or beginning an idea to life from scratch, the projects developed for you and with you will add value and maneuverability to your company.

A leading software developer in Toronto, Konverge has been in the business of building software for over 26 years. For us it’s people first, tech second.

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