How Recent Digital Tech Development Will Impact Manufacturing Industry?

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  • Published: 6/22/2018 11:56:57 AM
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How Recent Digital Tech Development Will Impact Manufacturing Industry?

How Recent Digital Tech Development Will Impact Manufacturing Industry?

Within recent years, a plethora of transformations has been occurred in almost every industry and zone. And, in future, what will come is ahead than the internet and digital world. Make sure that I’m not only focusing on a specific industry. It’s for all genres. That’s why, CIO of International Hotel Group (IHG), Eric Pearson has said-

“It’s no longer the big beating the small, but the fast beating the slow.”

It completely complements the current era. Gone are those days when big fishes had full-on power to surpass the smaller units. Today, the world is an eyewitness of faster moving things with the pace of innovation. And, not a single person can deny this powerful fact.

What we can assert is no one can escape from the eye of the technology. So, how can manufacturing zone lag behind, isn’t it?

Smarter the digital technology is, Smarter the evolution in manufacturing industry are!

Smart the digital technology is, Smarter the evolution in manufacturing industry are! This is the truth of the current flowing transformations in manufacturing industry. And, no doubt, these revolutions are greatly affecting every verge of the manufacturing industry. Varying from productive automation to Artificial Intelligence, every single aspect is proving itself in all the fields, including manufacturing industry as well.

You must be curious to know how digital technology affects the manufacturing industry. Let’s discuss… 

1. Productivity on Hike (Cobots)

2018 has popped up with full-fledged ROBO thing! Have you noticed? Oh, the robots are everywhere, so as in the manufacturing trade. Here, the robots are actually the “Collaborative Robots” or “Cobots”. And, trust me, these robots are cooperative for the operators in an improved manner. Using which, many of the appliances are handled and lifted when relocating to certain places. And, directly or indirectly, it will enhance the safety and overall well-being of the workers. So, these robots prove quite beneficial for the manufacturing industry. And, in the forthcoming years, the rate of adoption of Cobots will escalate, with US and China leading the list.

2. Re-orientation of Mass Production Process (3D Printing)

The digital technology is revamping the entire phase of manufacturing industry. Coming to the mass production process, many of the conventional techniques have been used for years. And, they have confronted with many of the hurdles, such as time, cost, etc. Now, the additive manufacturing takes all its control and changes the entire facelift of production process in bulk. Even, it also plays an indispensable role in micro-factories also. Whether it is the production of few parts or the massive production, additive manufacturing and 3D printing know their responsibilities very well.

Indeed, 3D printing makes process simpler and more effectual. In not only present but, it will also create the difference in future as well.

3. Flexible in Mass Customization

We are living in the compass of virtual reality, which breaks the stereotype and makes the production process in sync with demands. And, the appropriate and proportionate use of digital technology makes the mass customization facile than ever. Without any iota of doubt, this will open a great avenue for agile businesses to procure what they want. The virtual reality matches the requirement and output factors and delivers more flexible results to exceed the expectations of the business people. Customization is required at many of the instances in mid of the prolonged procedure of manufacturing. And, the digital technology is prepared to adapt the mass customization with surprising outcomes.

4. Streamlined and Simplified Manufacturing Processes (IoT)

Welcome to the world of “Smart Manufacturing”, i.e. the world of IoT (Internet of Things)!

The Internet of Things is a buzz in the current cutting-edge world and it is spreading its footprints at every edge of the world. It makes the processes streamlined and simplified to acquire the production with more efficiency. As an illustration- IoT enables to know the real-time feedback and alerts the concerned company about the current status of goods, materials, or packaging stuff. Whatever be the status- whether there is any damage, the product is delivered, or the shipment is stuck in the way- every information is get traced. Isn’t the greatest invention that makes the manufacturer abreast with the entire process? Just imagine that you will be allowed to audit each step with ease. It’s awesome!

5. Automation (AI and Machine Learning)

Along with Cobots, many other automated technologies are also the integral parts of manufacturing industry. Many of them automate the entire procedure to increase the efficiency and the product delivery proportionate rate. Based on which, a manufacturer can save time and cost at a large extent. Concatenating manufacturing machines with IT systems will help optimize different workflows, inventories, processes, status signals of processes, value-based decisions, and much more. Even, it will make the intra-department communication and intra-branch interaction easy and fast.

Moreover, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning act as a cherry on the top. These advanced algorithms are transforming the way of manufacturing industry in several terms- performance of product, optimization of process, faster turnaround time, production in cost-effective manner, exceeding the customer’s demands, and even the prediction of consumer behavior too. If you are worried about the quality, then ditch this concern right now. The machine learning formulae determine which factors influence the production as well as service quality aptly.

6. Block chain Technology is an Auxiliary Boon

Block-chain is a digital ledger that keeps record of every transaction flowing in the specific network of users. Most commonly, it is being famous as the technology used in Bitcoin. You must have heard about it. In manufacturing industry, Block chain can generate the smarter supply chains that are competent enough to track every single detail of a product’s entire journey. With Block-chain, the manufacturers can keep an eye on each step, make audit trials, and have the real-time visibility on the chain.

What we can conclude is that the Block chain technology can bring the transformations radically in manufacturing industry. The thing is that it has just stepped in the market. And, to collect the greatest and desired outcomes, the manufacturers have to adopt test-and-trial method. The manufacturers have to match the block-chain technology with legacy systems- whether they are compatible or not. Then, certain steps are needed to be evaluated to find the result in terms of higher ROI (Return on Investment). So, just wait and be prepared to see surprising elements of Block-chain technology in the next quarter of 2018.

7. Overall Improved Performance and Efficiency

However, the systems and processes are inter-related, but it’s only the digital technology that makes it self-regulated and automated without any flaw/ hurdle. Self-monitoring the processes at each step helps the manufacturers to trace and detect the error at that very step to avoid discrepancy and massive problem at the output end. In addition to, 3D printing makes the entire production process more customizable, even in case of smaller snippets too. Likewise, the digital technology develops as a blessing for different factors of the manufacturing industry that improves performance and overall efficiency in less cost and in quicker turnaround time. 

The Verdict

Wow!!! Such a prominent role the digital technology is playing in changing the entire face lift of the manufacturing industry, isn’t it? In fact, these are some of the points that have been discussed here. There is an ocean to dive into to extract more “ impacts” of digital technology on the manufacturing industry.

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