How to Stay On Top of New Technologies

  • Author: The Konverge Team
  • Published: 11/3/2017 3:41:56 PM
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 How to Stay On Top of New Technologies

In 2017, it shouldn’t be surprising to know that technology dominates the world. With immediate knowledge and instant communication at our fingertips through laptops, smartphones and tablets, we can now be almost completely virtual. However, the development of technology is rapid, almost too rapid to the point where it can be hard to stay on top of the constant changes. So how can you stay on top of current technology? Here are some ways to do that:

Web Media

Web Media includes blogs, podcasts and forums from reviewers and Software development companies a like. This can all be accessed through Google (of course). You can browse through online forums, blogs, and business who specialize in custom app development on the topic that you searched on. Usually blogs and forums will have promotional details about upcoming technology from the experts who created it. Another way to keep on top with the current trend is to find a podcast that follows the trend – a podcast that consistently updates, and addresses the latest technologies that are out there. Another great way to receive updates without having to make that much effort to look for them is to subscribe to free newsletters or blog RSS feeds that all center on technology.

Social Media

This might seem kind of obvious, but this is a great way to get real time updates on the latest trends in software development companies. While the social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. not all of them are going to be useful in your search. One of the great social platforms for it is Twitter, because you can follow the technology companies and see what they are continuously tweeting about the latest product that they’ve developed. These tech twitter accounts would also provide links to other blog posts that focus on the newest technology, giving you an easy way to search for more information.


This is sometimes an overlooked resource, but there are so many various forms of training and tutorials provided online. For those who can’t afford to get professional training, no fear! Many websites offer FREE great and interactive tutorials that can quickly immerse you into the latest technologies. Also, if you do some research, you could find a web cast of conferences and events where there is a demo of a new technology that is being presented.


This may be surprising considering that it’s not an answer that requires technology, but it is still effective! Going to things such as user group meetings and technical conferences is a great way to meet people who are experts in the technology sector, and to learn more about what they are doing. These face to face meetings usually involve in depth presentation on the latest technology trends.

These are the four great ways to keep up with technology. The only thing that you have to do now to begin your journey on becoming technology savvy is to get started and dive right into this accelerating and continuously evolving field.


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