Between Two Servers #1: Project Management & The Moving Parts

BTS episode #1

When it comes to any project, Project Management is an integral part of any process. Figuring out where all the moving parts go, how to structure a project and where to focus the team’s energies on are all huge considerations that a business must make.

In an episode taken from an Instagram Live recorded earlier in May 2020, Sonia, the Director of Konverge, had a conversation with Madhur, Konverge’s Project Manager about how he gets the best out of his team, how he manages to juggle multiple projects, what it means to be a Project Manager and why he loves his role so much.

Sonia asked various questions in the episode and really got into the crux of Madhur’s role. Questions such as, “What’s your process in managing multiple projects and making sure they’re delivered on time and on budget?” and “what has your team’s productivity been like since being at home?”.

A Project Manager looks at more than just making sure their team is performing at their best. The role is fundamentally about ensuring that the entirety of the project is addressed and assessed from a multi-level perspective.

Madhur is one of our longest serving team members here at Konverge, and over the years he’s been able to truly bring out the best in every single project that he’s worked on. This episode is a testament to that.

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