Between Two Servers #11: Management Styles & Being a Good Leader with Roxroy Clayton, Development Manager

BTS Episode #11

In the latest episode of Between Two Servers, Sonia spoke with Roxroy Clayton – Konverge’s Development Manager – about the varying levels of management styles, what it means to be a good leader, ensuring you have consistency throughout your teams, and much more.

S: I wanted to ask you – managing a technical team, what do you feel your management styles are and what are the pros and cons that come along with that and what are the things that you feel you can do to make that management style better?

R: Yeah, when I think about management style, I think that it’s not just one style that I’m using on a day-to-day basis or project-by-project basis it all depends on the situation I think at times you want you know your style to be democratic so they could be autocratic so there is going to be transformational so there’s going to be a servant role so it depends on what’s happening, it also may determine it also may depend on the team itself as you know the team and as you understand a team and have faith in the team then you can actually change your role to accommodate the dynamics of what is happening.

S: What do you think was your ‘aha moment’ when you realized “I need to change my style from being so authoritative to be more collaborative” – what made you realize that?

R: I believe I read a book that said, “start with why”. I think maybe it dawned on me that if I were to experience why we’re doing this you actually get more buy-in and support because they see what the benefits are and what the rewards would be. So having learned that with the end in mind and working towards it, and getting the buy-in is pretty much what changed the way my approach.

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