Between Two Servers #12: Business Analysis as a Service

BTS Episode #12

In the lastest episode of Between Two Servers, you can discover more about what a Business Analyst is, and what they can do for you, and your business.

Light Transcript of the Podcast

Software projects can be complex and have the potential to go over time, over budget, and out of scope. The first step in building excellent custom software that doesn’t go over budget is getting a Business Analyst to make a full analysis of your software project, and creating the documentation needed for a successful software project. This document is often referred to as a System Requirement Specification document, or simply, an “SRS”.

A business analyst’s role is to listen to our customers’ business goals and software ideas to create the proper documents that translate those goals and ideas into a successful software product.

Our Business Analysts will create your SRS document that includes the scope, goals, and the functionality needed to create your new software.

The document goes in-depth into the technologies and the technical concepts behind the software project so that any developer with a copy of the project can understand it, and potentially build it.

It is also your opportunity to review the project and provide further guidance. Perhaps meeting with your team yielded some new functionality, or you realized that some aspects are simply not necessary. It is at this point that communication is its highest, and we work with you to make sure that you’re satisfied.

Your SRS document is a “master plan” to your software project that describes the functionality, architecture, and technical requirements of the software. This document’s true value is demonstrated when shopping for software developers. It can be used to give you an accurate bid in terms of cost and timeline. As well as a way to vet software developers early on: If they’re confused about one of the technologies outlined, then it’s best to look elsewhere.

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