Between Two Servers #16: Common Challenges of Software Product Development for Startups

BTS #16
Light Transcript
Software development is difficult for any company. Right from the earliest stages where companies need to decide what platform they are targeting to later stages when they are working on building a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) that can be tested in the field, different challenges exist.
No matter if you are a small startup or one of the giants in the industry, software product development can be a complex process to navigate and one that requires specific skills and knowledge.
When it comes to developing software, realistically there are two different options available. The first is inhouse development and the second is outsourcing work. Making a decision between these two different options is a common challenge that companies of all sizes face.
Both options come with advantages and disadvantages so weighing up these two possibilities carefully before committing to them fully makes sense. With in-house development, companies need to account for the cost of hiring and training the right people based on the technology that is being worked on.
Outsourcing, on the other hand, can be a relatively inexpensive way to bring new ideas and products to market quickly but comes with its own unique challenges too including managing multiple providers and having limited control over quality assurance (QA).
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