Between Two Servers #19: Scaling a Startup

BTS Episode #19

Short Transcript of the Podcast

Sonia: How do you make sure you have [the] technology and a business model that will allow you to continue scaling successfully?

Rosa: There are so many components to this […] but the one thing I think that I’ve come to really accept and understand […] You really need to ask the question […] is my technology ready? Am I in a position that I’m supposed to be scaling? And how do I actually know that I’m ready to scale? And I think the best way to answer that is to validate and who do you validate that with?

So let’s say me, myself, and I’ve got a good team, I believe my team is the best. So I’m ready to go. I believe we got multi-tenant. We’re ready to go. But what if I don’t actually know that? And I think taking that step back, getting an expert, you know, people like yourself.

There are so many people out there then and just provide a day of knowledge and say, you know what, you’re on the right track. You guys are doing this, kind of do this a little bit more, maybe hire another person, get that consultation with a professional. I honestly believe that that would [significantly lead you in] knowing whether or not you need to slow down that scaling or if you’re on track to scale […]

Sonia: I’m actually so happy you said that. Because that’s one of the things I always find with startups is – where do they take a step back and say, okay, you know what, I really need to analyze this and I need to take a couple of steps back and figure out where I am, what’s the direction that I want to go and where we need to be – team and everything. So I think that’s really good that you’re considering like experts who have been there and done that, to come in and really help you with […] preparing for scaling.

Rosa: Yeah. And I mean, if you even think about the whole idea of an incubator, that’s the purpose is to meet your peers and use your advisors. And I feel like a lot of people, we’re not using them well enough and we forget that we really should be doing that. And it does provide a lot of reassurance and it helps you in your road-mapping with what you know, I can do a hundred new clients or I can do ten.

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